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BHHB Committee Responsibilities

This page outlines the duties of each member of the illustrious Bangkok Bike Hash committee. Its purpose is to make it easier for all members to understand who does what and for new committee members to understand what they need to do.

If you think anything needs to be added, changed or clarified please send your suggestion to the Grand Master.

If a committee member is unable to perform their duties one month (e.g. because you can't attend the ride) then it is their job to find someone to cover for them.


Grand Master - a.k.a. G.M. or Giant Spoke or Grand Spoke

Leader of the Hash group.



On the Bike Hash

Before the ride starts:

  1. Ten minutes before the ride, announce New Rider Briefing, remind riders to pay Hash cash, and announce that non-riders who plan to join the circle for food and drink should pay Hash cash as well.
  2. Meet with the new riders to brief them. (Ask a Thai Committee Member to brief in Thai for non-English speakers.)
    • Welcome them.
    • Explain what a Bike Hash is.
    • Explain about following paper, going back to paper if they lose it, calling passing, being passed, walking up a hill or stopping to rest (move to the side), whistling, briefly explain checks / false trails / u-turns.
    • Invite them to join us at the circle at the end of the ride.
    • Ask if they have any questions.
  3. Start the rides (introduce the hares, so they can do the hare briefing).

After the ride at the circle:

  1. Start the circle after each ride (announce a 5 minute circle warning + remind people who haven’t paid Hash cash to do so).
  2. Put hares of current ride in circle.
  3. Introduce new members, guests, returners, and give out rewards for 25, 50, 100, 200, etc. (with help from Hash cash, and mugger).
  4. Hand over circle to RAs.
  5. After RAs, take circle over again.
  6. Introduce next months rides.
  7. Get info from hares about dinner, sunday ride, check out times, etc.
  8. Get any other announcements in the circle.
  9. Dismiss the circle.

Joint Spoke (x2)

Reserve GM, take that job, if the GM is not able to join a Hash, or has to leave town.


Religious Advisor - a.k.a. R.A. (x3)

Person who 'punishes' people who have committed misdemeanours (real or perceived) during the ride.



The Secretary of the Hash is the person who sends out emails on the email list, takes and disseminate minutes from committee meetings, and does other secretarial work.


On-Sec Ass

Back-up person for duties of On-Sec.



Actively recruit members to volunteer to hare in order to maintain a roster of hares for upcoming Hashes.


Hash Cash

Responsible for the money and memberships of the Hash. He/she must take down all riders each month, and collect money, and give out money to people who have Hash expenses, and update database each month.


Hash Cash Ass (x2)

Back-up person for duties of Hash Cash.


Hash Piss

Purchase and transport the beer and cooler locks to the Hash and take away the leftovers for the next Hash.


Hash Piss Ass (x3)

Back-up person and assistant for duties of Hash Piss.


Hash Softie

Responsible to buy and/or coordinate the buying and transportation of soft drinks to the Hash weekends.


Hash Softie Ass (x2)

Back-up person for duties of Hash Softie.


Hash Flash

Person responsible to coordinate the taking and collection of sufficient photos to document Hash weekend activities.


Hash Flash Ass

Back-up person for duties of Hash Flash. There is a second Hash flash on every ride.

Hash Gerbil

Organise as few night rides as possible (3-5/year), occasionally appearing to put in an effort, whilst standing on the shoulders of others.


Hash Moosik

Start the singing in the circle. Try to be funny.


Piss Pot Pusher

Responsible for running the Piss Pot of the Month activity at the circle after the Saturday Hash ride.


Piss Pusher (x3)

Give cups of beer to folks who have been called into the circle for down downs.


Web Nerd

Webmaster for the Bike Hash website.


Web Ass

Responsible for maintaining the BHHB email group (google groups) and maintain the BHHB Facebook page (admit members of group etc). (PS: this position has been given to only one person so far, and this person has also had other jobs at the same time).



Responsible for creating the awards for 25 rides, 50 rides and 100 rides (every 100 after that).



Make sure the Hash has enough whistles at any given time. Buy more if needed.


Hash Haberdash

Design and coordinate with manufacturer to create T-shits, jerseys, or other BHHB related products, mostly hare shirts/jerseys, or other event shirts.


Hash Haberdash Ass

Help the Hash Haberdash.


Hash Piss Pool (x4)

Extra people who can be called upon, when Hash piss or softie needs help.


Page last updated: 5 September, 2015