Nov 2004

Chonburi, 27/28 Nov 2004


Don 'Limbo' L

Marc L


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Ride report

Rides:- 208/9Date:- 27/28 November 200411th Annual Bang Saray ClassicHares:- Don and Marc LavoieScribe:- George "Subhuman" BevingtonThe hares kept the ride close to home this year, sending the peleton off from the Bang Saray Condominiums, and foregoing the dump truck they’ve used in the past.  No one could’ve found a more handsome Father/Son combo than the LaVoies on such a sunny day and perfect weather for a Thailand winter-time ride.  Sporting a fruity papaya blouse, Don “Call me Darryl” LaVoie, gave us his best wishes, and encouraged a few people to join the Barbie later, “because the food’s gunna be good.” Junior Mark, not to be upstaged by his stud-dad, lip-sync’ed a few platitudes as he showed off a t-shirt he won in a bet with a khatoey.  Known as “Seb” for short, wasn’t going to “stand for any of this Dutch shit” and later proved it with his own blood.     A nice group photo was taken at the water stop and Peter Maverick has done an excellent job of capturing the “Jakgayan Kings and Queens” on the BHHB.  Most of the remaining bikers, in excess of fifty people, spent the afternoon daydreaming as they coasted over the old trails worn smooth and flat after a decade of LaVoie Classics.Before we knew it, Will and Karen called the group to form circle and the down-downs began.  Some notable riders invited in included Bruce “Hash Cash” Weeks, Marie Blonde, and the Biggadyke family for the heck-of-it and various peccadilloes.  Later on and using real blood, Seb LaVoie enlightened the group with a red-handed impression of a clueless French dude.  Although Seb attempted to staunch the wound with thumb and forefinger pressed like a vice, the blood continued to gush forth, leaving the ground incarnadine where Seb stood.  Cheeky bastard.Finally the forlorn French guys returned, after having completed the ride twice, to great cheers from the crowd and a mangled rendition of La Marseillaise. Yummy dinner and free-flowing Heineken set the tempo for the rest of the evening and the encouraged the BHHB’ers to look forward to Sunday’s “Led Ride,” starring  everyone’s favorite Farang Duo, The LaVoies.    


22.02 km, 313.0 m
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