Feb 2003

Kaeng Krachan, 01/02 Mar 2003

Don't forget to bring your bathing suits as the pool is fantastic. For non-riders, the resort can arrange kayaking or gentle rafting on the nearby river. There is also a golf course, ATV's and BB guns (whatever they are).

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Neil 'Weed Eater' B

Lynda 'No Meat' S


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Ride report

Ride no:- 170/171Location:- Kaeng KrachanDate:- 1/2 March 2003Hares:-  Neil Biggadike and Lynda SharpScribe:- Anthony AckermanTook an early start on Saturday morning, making sure to load the bike up on the trunk rack and headed over to Probike to grab a spare tube when my car was rear ended. Luckily my beast of a bike was still intact, but unfortunately the pedals had damaged this poor inpatient chaps front grill off.  Into Probike for a quick buying spree and ran into a few more hashers who decided a caravan up was in order.  We started to run late when we saw Hash Piss on the expressway and Wee Woofer was added to the pack figuring if we got lost, at least we’d have beer.  Ignoring the directions since the hares don’t know their left from their right we arrived just in time for the late start./o:pAnd what a fantastic ride it was.  After what seemed like the first 10 KM we finally left the Resorts grounds and headed on to some off road tracks.  At the 2nd check we were surrounded by a mad set of cows, one of which broke loose and decided to charge and attack the lead rider.  On-on to a some single track which ended in an u-turn, but the downhill reverse version of the track was worth the detour. /o:pOn to some nice country lanes and I got a flat rear tire, but not to worry, as I picked up a spare tube this morning.    Auughh.  Wrong size.  Borrowed one of a passing rider and road 100 meters just to see the front was now also flat.  Fixed the puncture this time and road another 200 meters when the chain snapped.  The bike gods were not smiling on me this day.  Finally got the bike working when a stampede of cattle attacked us (ok about 6 water buffalo’s but after the earlier cow incident I was freaked).  Then continued on for a nice climb being caught behind the lovely smell of another heard of cows.  I’m now developing an unnatural fear of bovine. /o:pFinally on to the rest of the ride and caught the back pack who were checking??? Seems the FRB’s added more checks instead of clearing the old ones, but eventually we made it back to the Resort.  Hash Cash received his down downs for not collecting money from new riders as he did not know how much to charge them.  Mark Lavoie and Ian Taylor got their fashion down down’s for ordering BHHB bike shirts for only themselves.  Then everyone was seated for another Marathon Circle led by the RA with everyone having a go inside at least once.  The on-on was good and the beers flowed well into the night./o:pThe second days led ride was more fantastic sceneries of the nearby Burma Hills (well at least by my map).  The ride started off prompt and 100 meters in, another flat. Changed again with a fresh tube and managed to catch the pack at the lake.  After a picture filled tour of the lake we dropped into the water stop for the choice of short or long.  The long was a hot climb up in the mid day sun, but then the single track that followed made it all worthwhile.  Back to the Resort for another circle and then into the pool to try to cool off form the ride. /o:pThe car back loaded up, myself cooled off and ready to go and what’s this… the back pack were just returning.  Apparently the short and long options were not enough for the elongated few who decided to get back on the Saturday paper and finished the Sunday ride with another loop around the previous days ride.  I can’t say I blame them as it was a great course.  Well done Neil and Linda for yet another incredible Hash.