Dec 2002

Hua Hin, 14/15 Dec 2002


Ian 'Wrong Circle' T


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Ride report

Ride no:- 166/167Location:- Saam Roi YotDate:- 14/15 December 2002Hare:- Ian Taylor and ....Scribe:- ???Sorry for the delay on the write up of this Fab hash!! What with Christmas and New Year it somewhat slipped my mind. So sorry to all of those who were waiting for the next installment of 'Hashing Life!'Despite the Hash House party in Bangkok on the Friday night, quite a few hardened Hashers lived up to their reputation, by hauling themselves out of bed, hung-over or not, donning their biking gear and tuning their bikes for yet another exciting ride.The hares arrived just before the start time, to give rushed instructions to follow the paper on the 'right' which we all acknowledged but quickly forgot as we set out on our adventure. The ride was long and technical, as we weaved our way through coconut forests and across dikes. Well, some of us went across them others saw fit to go through, in or even practice breaststroke through the ever thickening quagmire.To dry everyone off a bit, we then proceeded to the hot and salty expanse of prawn farms. Where we negotiated a labyrinth of false trails and dead ends, as well as dogs which decided to chase anyone who entered there territory. Luckily our sweeper Sid came to the rescue to show us the way to…. yet another dead end! This was actually planned and we had to abandon bikes and don head torches to negotiate a cave!!! (Possibly the first caving expedition seen on a hash).Not wanting to end on a low note after all of this extra curricular excitement, the way home was just as interesting as we realized that we had to choose between a few extra K or carry our bikes through an estuary!!Needless to say this ride wasn't for the faint hearted or the hung-over, but somehow both of the aforementioned did make it to the finish!!The evening meal was excellent, we has a barbecue and Will set up an end of year firework show for all those who were willing to watch. Unfortunately those watching didn't realize that they were to become a part of the show, as a firework went off a bit too low and showered them and their clothing with balls of flames!!On Sunday, practically everybody was feeling the effects of the night before, be it alcohol or burns, but they all turned up for the ride off bang on time.This ride was less technical and bumpy compared to the day before, but focused on the more scenic aspects of Koh San Roi Yod. We rode up to a look out point which took in the view of an enclosed lake, which was very tranquil and incredibly beautiful. After this we rode through paddy fields and pine trees before arriving back at the hotel.All in all an excellent time was had by everyone and it was a great way to end the 2003. Thanks to Iain, Corette and Sid for all of their hard work and the Christmas presents!