Aug 2018

Suphanburi, 25/26 Aug 2018

Quaint and quiet but not too modern. Good food. Has a 12 hole golf course and a swimming pool.

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Room rate is based on 2 person per room. Extra people in the room will be charged at 300 thb/person.Chomchan: Double bed - 1800 THB (14 rooms)Chanokdao: Double bed - 1400 THB (7 rooms)Pangrum VIP: Double bed - 1200 THB (4 rooms)Pangrum: Twin beds - 800 THB (48 rooms)Dorm: Single bed - 500 THB/bed (2 rooms of 40 beds)Last update: October 2012


Lunch and Dinner:Friday dinner is À La Carte, i.e., off the excellent menu. Buffett breakfast is included in the room rate. Saturday night dinner is B200 per person. We need to know how many people will have a meal. Saturday lunch is B150 and will be available from 11:00. We need to know how many people will have a meal. Sunday lunch is À La Carte, i.e., off the excellent menu.Last update: October 2012

Reservations will start on Fri 10 Aug

The rides


Joe 'Nice Rack' W and Chris 'Sack of Shit' O

What to expect?

Date to be confirmed.


Going North West of Bangkok travel time estimated to be under 2hr. DriveDistanceGet on the #9 Ring Road … (approximately the NW section of the ring road)Find and take the #340 Road toward Suphanburi … zero odometerHead northwest on Bang Bua Thong-Suphan Buri/Route 34065.40 km65.40Slight left to stay on Route 340 (signs for 357/กาญจนบุรี/Kanchanaburi/นครปฐม/Nakhon Pathom) ... this is the long section of the trip0.22 km65.62You will see a PTT gas station just before taking the 357 exit (next step) ... good place for gas, food, beveragesTake the ramp to Route 3570.13 km65.75Follow signs for357/กาญจนบุรี/Kanchanaburi/นครปฐม/Nakhon Pathom and merge onto Route 3578.60 km74.85Slight left toward Ma Lai Man Rd/Route 321 (signs for 321/นครปฐม/Nakhon Pathom/กาญจนบุรี/Kanchanaburi)0.45 km75.30Continue straight onto Ma Lai Man Rd/Route 321In the middle of the road you will see that the light posts are numbered … look for light post number C79 … it is opposite the start of the 3461 road7.20 km82.50Make a U-turn0.60 km83.10Turn left onto Route 3461 … road to “BAN DON KHA”8.70 km91.80Turn left onto Route 333 ... sign for “WAT KHOA DI SALAK”8.25 km93.90Turn right onto สพ. 30192.50 km102.55Turn left at the sign for 27 Resort1.50 km104.05

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