Jul 2018

Chonburi, 21/22 Jul 2018

Plenty of activities are available for hashers at Phanhin Regent. It has a large swimming pool, gym, coffee shop, two restaurants (international and Japanese), pool table, spa/massage, ...

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Standard rooms @ 1600 thb / night, including breakfast. Extra bed is 500 thb, including breakfast.


Saturday lunch will be a la carte, from the restaurant.
Book your Saturday dinner coupons with your room (Seafood buffet, special Hash price of 350 thb/person)

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The rides


Sebastien T and Jean-Marc G

What to expect?

For July hash on Saturday 21st we propose 2 options to balance the distance with your mood… your
capability… or whatever you want.

All options are mainly on single trail in the forest except at the beginning and the end where you go thru
sweet potatoes and pineapples fields.

Option 1, a shortcut allow you to do half of the Saturday trail and to come back to the hotel for a total of
around 20 km riding. Please note if you select this option 1 that you won’t go to the water stop. Bring
water quantity accordingly.

Within the option 1 you have the possibility to go to a FRB loop with around 1 km going up smoothly and
a nice, but sporting way down.
Should you select the FRB loop or the classic loop, both be same distances within option 1.

Option 2, for the complete loop. The water stop is at half the way. On the way back, from the water stop
to the hotel, another possibility to go thru a FRB loop and a bumpy piece of land or thru classic trail.
The complete option 2 is around 35 km.


The hares have not provided directions yet. Check back later!

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