Aug 2019

Chachoengsao, 24/25 Aug 2019

V Square Serviced Apartment is a hotel that services mostly businessmen coming to Gateway Industrial Park on work trips. With that said, it's comfortable, modern, and is situated right where we need it to be for an awesome weekend of mountain bike partying.

The resort (and I'm using that term very loosely. It's not dirty or old just not "resorty" if you will) has a restaurant on it's property that is privately owned and quite small. However, the food and ambiance is nice and the menu is pretty broad serving both Thai/Asian fusion dishes along with western pub dishes. Also most importantly, there is a bar in the restaurant that is fully stocked.

Finally, and very convenient for us, there is a convenience store on the property as well. It is well stocked and is similar to a 7- 11 or Family Mart.

Resort Website

Resort details

Phone number: +66 38 575 510, +66 87 091 0914




Important: The resort requests a 1000 THB deposit in cash when checking in.

Standard - 999 THB

  • 1 king or 2 twin beds
  • Extra bed available (+500 THB)
  • Breakfast not included (+150 THB/person)
  • Max 3 people

Superior "Studio w/ Bathtub" - 1440 THB

  • 1 king or 2 twin beds
  • Extra bed available (+500 THB)
  • Breakfast not included (+150 THB/person)
  • Max 3 people

One Bedroom Suite- 2000 THB

  • 1 king-size bed
  • 1 sofa
  • Extra bed available (+500 THB)
  • Breakfast not included (+ 150 THB/person)
  • Max 4 people


V Meet Restaurant and Bar on site. It is privately owned and we are waiting on approximate Hash numbers before we know whether buffet-style is an option.

The normal menu is a mixture of Thai/Asian fusion and Western dishes.

Prices are fair with most menu items between 60 THB - 250 THB

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The rides


Greg S and Joe 'Bloody Nipples' D

What to expect?

The August Hash in Chachoengsao is classic MOUNTAIN biking in every aspect. The terrain runs the gamut from very technical, backcountry trail riding on a proper mountain ridge, to rough off camber dirt tracks in rubber tree plantations, to paved country roads.

Friday's Night Ride-
Friday's ride start at 7:30pm and will be around 20 km. The route will be suited to fit the desires and skills of the group. Bring lights, food, and a sense of adventure. This is a NO DROP, PARTY-PACE ride. Come on out!

Saturday's ride-
This is the one you came for. This route will be around 35 km long and will offer 2 FRB options. This route is classic mountain biking at its finest, combining technically challenging backcountry singletrack with off-road adventure touring. There will be a water stop approximately halfway through the route. This is not a kid-friendly route and we encourage all Hashers to ride with a buddy on this one.

Expect loose, rocky, and tight singletrack with lots of ups and downs. Expect dirt road rolling through shady rubber tree plantations and wild fields. Expect to be both hate us and love us at the end of this ride. Expect the unexpected on this ride. Expect to be ready to start slamming the brewskis after this ride because you know that you damn well earned it. And if you hate it, you will love it later in the work week when you think about where and what you were doing on your weekend. Hahhahahha.

Sunday's ride-
This ride will be around 25k with bailout options. This route is most definitely going to be the "hangover ride" and quite kid-friendly. Expect a lot of dirt road rambling through your typical Thai rural countryside.


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