Nov 2019

Khao Yai North, 23/24 Nov 2019

It has 25 rooms, so reserve early or you may need to stay at a nearby backup resort (to be provided). The name of the resort is written in Thai, and it has no website or English documentation. The rooms only have soap, so bring your own shampoo and/or conditioner.

Resort Website

Resort details

Phone number: +66 86 331 9263 (Thai language only, NOT for reservations, which are done through the Hares)




Rooms are 1,500 baht per night including breakfast.

When you reserve your room, you will be directed to a Hare e-mail address. The Hares are selecting your room for the resort. Payment will be due upon check-in, there is no need to pre-pay. If you did make a reservation, please make every effort to attend the hash, if you need to cancel, please notify the Hares as soon as possible so we can sell your room to another hasher.


The resort does not have food, and you will need to pay for the buffet dinner (300 thb).

A good nearby option is บ้านไร่ปลายเนิน @เขายายเที่ยง Ban Rai Plai Noen (@Khao Yai Tiang). It is around thecorner, a 1 minute drive or 5 minute walk away. . It is a great option for Friday evening dinner or lunch on Saturday or Sunday – has a beautiful deck and excellent Thai food.

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The rides


Peter 'Creamy Ending' D, Harold 'Big Dripper' H, and Tom 'Mother Trucker' I

What to expect?

Mother Trucker, Big Dripper, and Creamy Ending have been clearing the trails and get them ready for all hashers! This is a beautiful ride with incredible vistas from plateaus and ridges, and lots of engaging and challenging single track, and you will not want to miss it! The weather is beautiful this time of year -- mid-high teens at night and high 20s (centigrade!) during the day. We suggest you bring a pullover as it can be cool in the evenings.

Saturday: The Saturday ride takes you along approximately 35 km of beautiful mountain biking trails--nearly all off road. The first few km of trail are challenging and rise about 250 meters to reach an elevation over 720 meters from sea level, allowing for beautiful views from a high plateau of the valleys below, and provide a COOL DRY environment. Expect to ride lots of single track down through the forests and valleys. After the first 6-7 km of challenging uphill, there is a 14 km downhill section that will amaze you and leave you smiling. There are also a couple FRB loops to explore more rock gardens if you are so inclined. The final few km take you down into a valley and then back up the other side on a newly cut forest track. A various short cuts are available after the water stop to make sure everyone gets back to the circle on time.

Sunday: The Sunday ride is approximately 21 km of flowing single track through the wind farms above Lam Takong reservoir. The trail runs along the top of a cliff, providing great scenery and family picture opportunities. It also will take you for an up-close view of windmills generating clean, zero-carbon electricity. There are a couple FRB loops that will lead you to more rock gardens if you choose, or short cuts to make an enjoyable family ride. All in all, this should be one of the more memorable hash rides of 2019.

All in all, this should be one of the more memorable hash rides of 2019.


  • Resort: Baan Subsilathong (บ้านทรัพย์ศิลาทอง), Tambon Khlong Phai, Amphoe Sikhio, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30340
  • Tel: 090 267 3434
  • Map location:
  • Time: approx. 2.5 to 3+ hours, depending on traffic and exit point from Bangkok
  • Distance: ~200 km
  • Directions:
  1. Take 2nd Stage Expressway north out of Bangkok toward Bang Pa-in
  2. Merge onto Route 1 north toward Saraburi and then go east onto Route 2 at Saraburi. We recommend taking the bypass around Saraburi (Route 362) and then merge onto Route 2 toward Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima).

  3. Follow Highway 2 through Pakchong. About 30 mins after Pakchong, you will see wind turbines in the distance on a large mountain on the right side (Khao Yai Tiang).

  4. There will be major elevated road construction. The construction goes for several km, and after the overhead road veers away from Route 2 (where you are driving), take a U-turn near the top of a hill after km marker 89.

  5. After you take the U turn, drive back (toward Bangkok) on Route 2, for about 3 km, and take a left at a small intersection immediately after passing under a pedestrian bridge (see photos below). As you drive up the hill you will catch sight of windmills above the treetops in front of you. And you will also see a very tall blue sign with directions to many different resorts and sites on Khao Yai Tiang.

  6. Drive up the road about 5 km, and you will see the resort on your left.

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