Jan 2020

Petchaburi, 25/26 Jan 2020

The resort is a short 2.5hr drive from Bangkok, in a lush green part of the countryside, with well maintained rooms and great swimming pool, decking and common areas.
Opposite there is a vineyard, and various activities can be booked directly with the resort, such as horse riding, BB gun, jet ski, archery, ATV etc.

For those of you new to this, the AGM Party features free beverages (i.e. beer, wine, spirits), games, prizes, and did we mention free beer. Don't miss an exceptional hashing weekend. Book now! Spaces could be limited.

This upcoming 2021 BHHB – AGM. Bike Zone will be thrilled to attend such an important event. We will be offering a unique opportunity to test some of the top model of Santa Cruz Mountain bikes.

The demo section will take place on Saturday the 13th. from 8am – 11am. Every person that booked, will have the chance to try the bikes for 10-15mins.

Those who wanted to try the bikes, please send me an email to Fausto at (faustoizquiel99@gmail.com) for the booking according to the following list:

Model Size Wheels Category

5010 S/M/L 27.5 Trail

Bronson S 27.5 All Mountain

Tall Boy M 29 XC-Trail

Hightower S 29 All Mountain

Megatower S/M 29 All Mountain

Total 8 bikes

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Herve 'PVC Pervert' T

Lakhdeep 'Hairy Ball Maker' B

Henrietta 'Ball Handler' B

Claire 'Stupid Shit' T


The Saturday trail has not been uploaded.

The Sunday trail has not been uploaded.

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