Feb 2020

Nakhon Nayok, 22/23 Feb 2020

Rabiangprai Valley Resort is located in a beautiful valley on the edge of the Khao Yai National Park and a large reservoir, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. The resort has many activities to enjoy between your rides such as ATV’s, archery, kayaking etc plus walking paths to nearby waterfalls, if it starts to rain.

Resort Website

Resort details

Phone number: 0899279154

Email: rabiangprai@yahoo.co.th



Villa for 2 persons, choice of:

  • Double bedded room VIP, THB 2,200
  • Double bedded room, THB 2,000
  • Twin room, THB 2,000
  • Twin bedded room, THB 1,800

Villa for 8 persons (2 bathrooms), choice of:

  • Single room THB 4,800
  • Double rooms THB 5,500

Villa for 10 persons (2 bathrooms)

  • Double bedded plus a Single room for 8, THB 5,500

Villa 2 floors, choice of:

  • Ground Floor (4 persons), THB 2,500
  • First Floor (4 persons), THB 4,000

All rate include breakfast.

  • On Saturday 23, early check in is possible should room be not occupied the night before. Kindly call a day before to confirm early check-in possibility
  • On Sunday 24, check out before 01:00pm to vacate room for cleaning and next client
  • 4 places of restrooms at Rabiangprai may serve to shower or clothes change as necessary
  • Beside hashes, multiple activities can be offered please contact reception when check-in


Saturday lunch:

  • Adult: 150 THB
  • 7-11 yr: 100 THB
  • 3-6 yr: 50 THB

Saturday dinner:

  • Adult: 250 THB
  • 7-11 yr: 150 THB
  • 3-6 yr: 100 THB

Book your meals in advance, with your room.

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The rides


Ning G, Mui, Sebastien 'Ass Floater' T, and Jean-Marc 'Papier Derriere' G

What to expect?

Saturday Ride

On Saturday, approximatively 40km plus but, beside FRB loop, on level ground. Most of km on single track going along stream from Khao Yai. After water stop a FRB loop offer a single lane up to the hill followed by very nice way down. All ridable.

Should you don’t feel comfortable for the FRB loop, shortcuts, right back to resort are possible.

End of Saturday ride on a single track through the forest

Sunday Ride

Around 25 km, no height. That’s the perfect loop for gentle ride with your kids or your hangover or with both. Possible shortcuts also available on demand!


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