Jul 2011

Nakhon Nayok, 30/31 Jul 2011


Koen 'Shitshoveler' V

Michael 'Call Boy' V

Bert 'Mother Pumper' D

Iain 'Urine Public' T

Ride report

Venue: Nakon Nayok, Wang Ree ResortHares: Koen 'Shit Shoveler' Van K, Bert 'Mother Pumper' D, Michael 'Call Boy' Van K and Iain T.Date: 30/31 July 2011.Scribe: Josh "Pussy Fingers" SThe venue was Wangree resort, a large secluded, family-friendly place with excellent views of the surrounding mountains. The resort featured flowing streams, lots of trees and friendly horses roaming freely in the field near our buildings.On Saturday, we awoke to freshly moistened terrain from overnight showers, ensuring a proper Saturday ride. On the trail, 500m from the resort, a cleverly placed large pile of trash obscured the check and gave us something nice to smell while somebody broke the check. Then the ride ride began………The first leg started with a mostly rideable, off-road mix with plenty of mud and water for all. The water stop was your garden variety village store with some interesting waffle/dog snacks that are worth mentioning. Leg 2 was only for the brave of heart. It was mostly singletrack jungle trail with serious vegetation/rider interaction, definitely challenging for riders of all levels. The hares were quite pleased with themselves for all of the machete work they had done on that section, but I would recommend bringing your own blade next time unless you are a gnome or a hobbit. The 3rd leg was mostly dual off-road track with plenty of mud and water to go around, but a well needed flat relaxing ride if you had any power left from leg 2. Overall it was a challenging ride of about 50k with 4 river crossings and something for everybody.In the circle there were 4 new riders, 2 riders that completed 25 rides, 2 new nicknames (Call Boy, Sees Wood Gives Head), and Captain Condom down down’d twice for the puncture of both tubeless tire and spouse.Dinner was a delicious Thai buffet and a really loud group of Giffarine employees dominated the evening festivities.Sunday morning was met with a light rain which continued the entire ride just to make things interesting. The first 10k of the ride was mostly singletrack described by the hares as “spicy”. It had a lot of singletrack technical riding. There was 1 water stop followed by a mostly off road, dual track trail, for a total of 32k. Overall it was a nice ride, but not exactly as kid-friendly as typical Sunday rides.The shenanigans in Sunday’s circle included 2 shoe violations, a G.M. with continence problems, a hasher with no brakes, and a rare hash re-name (Explosive Diarrhea).With its virgin trails and excellent location, I believe Wangree (Wang Ri for SatNav users) in Nakhon Nyok might become a repeat location for future hashes and is worth visiting on your own or with the hash.On onJosh S (Pussy Fingers)


41.94 km, 292.0 m
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26.29 km, 284.0 m
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