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Welcome to the Bangkok Hash House Bikers. We are a group of people who like to take our mountain bikes out once a month for a ride of 40-50km. At the start of the ride only the hares who laid the trail know where it goes. Just follow the shredded paper and enjoy warm and friendly Thailand. After the ride we 'circle up' with a few beers. You don't even need to own a bike to take part as bikes are available for rental by private companies. Don't miss the fun! Find out more.

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To contact us send an e-mail to bangkokbikehash at gmail.com .

Current Events

Ride No. Date Hares Where Links Distance/Climb
494/49524/25 September 2016Ed 'Can't Screw' S, Nigel 'Sticky Tool' F, Roger 'Hot Flashes' E and Bill 'Flasher' S Pak Chong, Khaoyai Kirithantip Resort GPS Data
Sat 35m 612m
Sun 23km 243m
496/497 29/30 October 2016 Francois 'Explosive Diarrhoea' G, Mike Hohman Muek Lek, Rai Arunwit Resort
497/498 26/27 November 2016 Paul 'Klingon' H, Paul 'Darth Farter' R and Jack D Bang Saray, Wilkris Resort
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28/29 January. BHHB celebrates Ride 500 and AGM at Royal Hills Golf Resort and Spa, Nakhon Nayok. The hares will be Inseminator and Sperm Sample. Watch this space for more details.

Is it raining where you plan to go cycling? Look here. Times shown are UTC, not Thai time.

If you own a Garmin GPS and have ever bought a map for it you have probably been shocked at the price. However, now there are numerous maps based on Open Street Map available free. You can download them here. Many of the maps can be installed on your PC so you can view them in BaseCamp and MapSource, and load them into your unit just when needed. For a description of the process look here.

Got a problem with a component of your bike but not sure what it is called? Get the answer here.

Bikemap.net. Snap discovered this interesting website which has GPS tracks of bike rides around the world.

Page last updated: 25 Sep 2016