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Welcome to the Bangkok Hash House Bikers. We are a group of people who like to take our mountain bikes out once a month for a ride of 40-50km. At the start of the ride only the hares who laid the trail know where it goes. Just follow the shredded paper and enjoy warm and friendly Thailand. After the ride we 'circle up' with a few beers. You don't even need to own a bike to take part as bikes are available for rental by private companies. Don't miss the fun! Find out more.

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To contact us send an e-mail to bangkokbikehash at gmail.com .

Current Events

Ride No. Date Hares Where Links Distance/Climb
505/50625/26 March 2017Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W, Jay 'Tender Nuts' P and Jenny 'Cranky Bitch' JSaiyok, Ban Rim KwaeGPS Data
Sat 39km 410m
Sun 29km 95m
507/50829/30 April 2017Marcel 'Pump Friction' S, Gilles 'Captain Condom' B and RomuSri Racha
Phanhin Regent Resort
Details Directions
509/51027/28 May 2017Tom 'Mother Trucker' I, Darren 'Agent Orange' B and Kenji SNakon Nayok
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New4 New GPS webpage. A lot of riders use a GPS device of one kind or another and there is an ever increasing number of apps and websites devoted to GPS matters. In response to popular demand we have a new webpage devoted to GPS matters. Check it out now!

30 June-2 July Interbike Hash 5 in Penang state, Malaysia. Read all about it.

How many BHHB rides have you done? You can see the 2016 ride statistics here.

Got a problem with a component of your bike but not sure what it is called? Get the answer here.

Bikemap.net. Snap discovered this interesting website which has GPS tracks of bike rides around the world.

Page last updated: 21 Apr 2017