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Venue: Kaeng Krachan Country Club & Resort. Don't forget to bring your bathing suits as the pool is fantastic. For non-riders, the resort can arrange kayaking or gentle rafting on the nearby river. There is also a golf coiurse, ATV's and BB guns (whatever they are). If this is your first ride with BHHB read this first.

Directions: Coming later.

Hares: Neil "Weedeater" B. (08 1847 0647) and Lynda "No Meat" S.

Date: 27/28 January 2018.

The Rides:
Saturday Pay Hash Cash at 12:20 to 12:50, Roll-off at 13:00.
Sunday Pay Hash Cash at 9:20 to 9:50, Roll-off at 10:00.

Essential equipment:
Spare tube
Water container(s) for at least 2 litres of water
Store the hare's number (shown above)in your mobile phone in case of emergency.
Note. All participants take part at their own risk.

Rooms cost B1,200 per night. To reserve a room transfer the payment to Bangkok Bank, a/c 171 404 9556 Lynda Janice Sharp. Scan the transfer docket and send to ikromm at gmail.com with your name and phone number.

Meals: TBA

Bike Rental/Transport/Maintenance: Look here.

Page last updated: 03 Nov 2017