Nov 2002

Chonburi, 23/24 Nov 2002


Marc L

Don 'Limbo' L


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Ride report

Ride no:- 164/165Location:- Bang Saray ClassicDate:- 29/30 November 2002Hare:- Don and Marc LavoieScribe:- Simon TurgooseWell the rains ain't stopped yet and your GM is doing yet another write up on the grounds that Tiki (last month's Hare) didn't make it to Bang Seray, it's quicker and no one can fabricate stories about my good self…… to say I had an eventful Hash weekend would be putting it mildly!!!!?? If write ups could be done as fast as Peter Laverick puts things on the web we'd be laaaaaarrrrrffffffiiiinnnngggg. The photos are great …… many thanks to Annie for taking and Peter for processing.ON ONYes it was raining again and boy was it raining!? For 45 minutes prior to the start of the ride it threw it down. We were a little delayed in departure trying to dodge the drops and late comers sorting themselves and bikes. Hash cash was a stand in affair again and Neil boldly went were no one else would dare to go "Has anyone not paid?"The start was from the car park of the Fishing Club as usual and out the gate, turn right and we were away. A great turn out of 40+, probably pushing 50 even. We even saw the welcome return of Frank (Noriega), Ian Slater, Bruce Weeks and a late starting fast finishing Mike. Nice to see 'em back. Also nice to see nothing changes and after a heavy Saturday on the pop a Sunday morning "no show" by all of them. Mike being the exception seen slipping away back to Bangkok with dark glasses and a driver!Pleasant sandy trails lead north away from Bang Seray. On one of these fell the first casualty….all the way from Singapore every month, this time with new bike and disaster struck… breaking the chain and pushing the derailleur up and into the wheel. The return trip transport options were allegedly varied!?The only barrier to the charging pack was then a river crossing which I think I was first through. Thigh deep and fast flowing a crossing just downstream of the weir was the only way. The power of the water flow meant that bike had to lofted in order not to be drag away in the current. Being GM and feeling a little responsible for my flock, I turned (leaving bike on dry land) to help out, only to find myself walking off the edge of the concrete into the chest deep main flow. "It ok me says, there is nothing in my camelback …….except my phone!!!!" WHOOPS….it is still drying!). Jock decided to join me for a quick dip. With almost everyone through along came George. "Cross to your left George I shouted helpfully… your other left George!!!!" With George recovered we moved on and across Sukhumvit into the rolling hills beyond. Up the usual false trail and then through a claggy field, we wound our way into a never quite built housing estate. The plants are nice!! Ian & Bruce toddled off up the hill looking for a nice patch of grass and continued on doing a full lap of the place. It was all off paper! Back tracking we picked up the trail and continued on.The followed some great single track through a narrow valley. Short steep climbs and descents. Some rode, some didn't (Ian)!! Some stayed on their bikes some didn't (Sam). Pam was making a funny noise, no not her…the bike!? With front changer adjusted all was quieter once more………….We eventually came out on a rode which led up to the golf course. SSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!! Was heard from the valiant Hares….one of the best drinks stops in the whole of November!!! They had boiled eggs, golf balls and Gatorade…..what more could you want. Marty got down on bended knee with dribble on his chin to beg for a Clif bar, which I'd acquired on a recent sorty to Singapore. For the record I gave in!!Not from this point on things went squirlly for me. We were asked to keep the noise down across the course and told there was no paper but the route described. At the top of the rise overlooking the drinks stop…. #####**BANG####!!!!!!! My rear inner tube exploded. Now many a kind bod asked me if I was ok, which I thought I was. I always carry a spare tube (which you should) and had all the repair gear too! Unfortunately the spare tube had the valve ripped out of it and was flat in about 10 minutes. So further into the golf course I tried to make a repair to find all patches and everything else soaked!! I must have spent about an hour trying various tricks including setting light to the damn thing but to no avail!! I was joined by a helpful lad on a motorbike who I eventually convinced to take me to the main road and then with a little (a lot) of monetary enticement got him to take me all the way back to the start, to a rapture of applause since most of the Hash was already returned.During my saga a few more punctures were causing problems for Ken, accompanied by Walter and then Craig (who was having mechanical trouble). They lost the pack and came in behind me. Talk of a tunnel sounded interesting along with some descent steep climbs but that is all that I know of the second half exploits.Sam Daysh also lost everyone and GPSed back to the circle and Corrett did her usual flying finish!!! Ian had just gone looking for her when she rolled in, grinning as usual.With the circle eventually formed the usual suspects were collared and we even had representation from the Pattaya Bush Hash. Neil did a great job of RA.Dinner was a BBQ affair again with fantastic sausages and whole breasts of chicken. The pate was pretty special too.Noriega was awarded his 50 ride mug…..held over from the AGM.  This closed up early and folk drifted off to bed, some even went to their own beds!!Sunday dawned far too early!!! All bike shops shut!!! And Ken set about fixing just about everyone's bikes!!That done and with Hares present the lead ride began, this time starting from Sun, Sea and Sand. OR is it Sea, Sand and Sun OR Sand, Sun and Sea……whatever!!!!????Crossing Sukhumvit again and heading up towards Nong Nooch ………. ##### **** BANG #### **** !!!!!!! My rear inner tube went down in the same rapid fashion of the day before. B******S was the chosen expletive and I eventually decided to quit along with Lavoie Junior who's rear rubber was in about as good shape as mine! On my return to the car I had a thought….now there's a first I hear you say!! Ken had kindly purchased a full bouncing KHS to leave at his home in Greece and it was sitting yet unused on the roof rack. That'll do I thought, I am sure he won't mind me bedding it in for him!!!??I was rolling once again and at speed…. Destination bid Buddha on a rock face……During this time the Hash Pack was being ably lead around lakes, Chinese Temples and other such attractions. The highlight seemed to be coconuts at the drink stop. Ian Taylor was a little disappointed that no refund was given for returning the containers (the coconut husk!!)?? Tight git!The Hash rolled in to the Buddha where I'd been lounging on the grass eating Clifbars and avoiding odd stares from the throng of visitors! Around another beautiful lake and down across the railway line, taking the scenic route back to Sukhumvit. A final blast though a tunnel of trees found us at the beach and then at the resort once more.The circle was formed due mainly to hunger for the food contained in the resort menu! People were chastised and abused in the age old fashion. The youngest pair were given some awful concoction called "Sprite" to drink…… Lem: why doesn't your daughter admit to being even 1% Welsh? Those with new bikes were dragged forward and Ian stood-in as RA in true "Ian… ain't any volume control on me… Taylor" Style.With Circle dismissed people drifted on there way once more, in search of food, home and whatever else was needed.See you all at Dolphin Bay in Khao Sam Roi Yot (south of Hua Hin) on the 14th and 15th December.The Bang Seray Classic was a "just that….a classic!" and Khao Sam Roi Yot never fails to please.ON ONGMNote: An apology……to the people I told that the Sunday ride would start from the same place as Saturday ride….I hope you found us…..unfortunately you couldn't call me again after my phone went swimming!!!??