Oct 2022

Khao Yai Tiang, 22/23 Oct 2022

Main Resort, Baan Subsilathong Resort

This is a beautiful resort built into a hillside, with 25 rooms ranging from doubles to dorm style rooms with multiple beds.

Backup Resort:
Moonstar Resort is a pleasant and comfortable resort about 2 blocks (300 meters) from the main resort.
It has 11 rooms with king and twin beds and a nice view over the valley around Lam Takong Reservoir.

Resort Website

Resort details

Phone number: +66 86 331 9263 (Thai language only, NOT for reservations, which are done through the Hares)

Email: peter.dupont@protonmail.com



Main Resort, Baan Subsilathong Resort

Rooms are THB 1,500 for the first 2 occupants and THB 500 per additional occupant, including breakfast. The name of the resort is written in Thai, and it has no English website or English documentation. The rooms only have soap, so bring your own shampoo and/or conditioner. Since the resort only has 25 rooms, reserve early.
To reserve a room, email the Co Hare Peter:

Backup Resort:
Moonstar Resort
Rooms are THB 1,500, including breakfast. The rooms only have soap, so bring your own shampoo and/or conditioner.
Tel: (English speaker): 063 532 6429
Tel (Thai speaker): 082 264 9322


The dinner buffet on Friday and Saturday night will be at the main resort and will have vegetarian options. The cost is THB 300 per head. Those staying at the main resort can pay for their buffet when they book their rooms. Those staying at one of the backup resorts can pay for the buffet when they arrive, but should email Creamy Ending peter.dupont@protonmail.com so we have an approximate head count

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The rides


Harold 'Big Dipper' H, Peter 'Creamy Ending' D, and Tom 'Mother Trucker' I

What to expect?

Since Monday 23 October is a substitute holiday (Chulalongkorn Day), we expect that the traffic leaving Bangkok on Saturday morning may be slower than normal (it is normally a 2 ½ to 3 hour drive from central Bangkok). So we suggest you leave very early Saturday morning to allow extra time, or consider coming up on Friday if possible.

Friday night ride:

We will once again feature a special, short Friday night ‘candlelight’ ride. Ride-off will be from the main resort at 5 pm sharp. We will ride as a group the hole time. The ride will be about 8-9 km, and we will go to the Khao Yai Tieng cliff view, with a fantastic sunset view over the Lam Takhong Reservoir, with refreshments served. After that, we will ride about 2 km back and have a short circle and dinner at the restaurant around the corner from the main resort.

Saturday ride:

The Saturday ride will be 35-40 km and the ‘On Out’ will go through some newly cleared single-track trails such as ‘Solar Down’, ‘Trucker’s Dream’, and ‘Paradise Reclaimed’. After an energetic 8 km or so, you can take an informal ‘no host’ water stop at the Ma Doo Dao restaurant on top of the plateau. From there, we have a wonderful 13 km downhill, and then a few km of up and down before coming to the ‘Pink Elephant Temple’, where we will have a water stop, and while you catch your breath, you will have the chance to look at 3,000-year old cave paintings a short ride up the hill inside the temple. After leaving the temple we will have a glorious finish to the hash through some dirt double-track trails, ending up with the brand-spanking new ‘5 Years Coming’ trail, which we have finally been able to discover. This is a beautiful, gradually ascending single-track trail out of the valley, which will take us back to the resort to cold beer and great food. This means that the ‘On In’ for this ride will for the first time be truly rideable without the need for a ‘Hike-a-Bike’ strategy!

Sunday ride:

Sunday will be about 25 km and will wind mainly through the Khao Yai Tieng Park, on the same ride where the resort is located. The On Out will go through some newly discovered double track and then through the ‘Green Rock Garden Trail’ (which is not too difficult to ride) down the Khao Yai Tieng cliff overview of Laem Takhong Reservoir, where we will have a short water stop. From there, we will go down the beautiful, 4km long, winding Cliff Trail, and then back up the hill to the ‘Fire Trail’. From the top of the hill, the main trail will go down 3km of the wonderful, flowy single track of the ‘Creamy Ending’ trail and then ‘Harold’s Way Extension’ to the water stop at the goat farm.
Front Running Bastards (FRBs) will have the option to take the more challenging Purple Trail down the hill, connecting to ‘Harold’s Way Extension’ to the water stop at the goat farm. The On In will be about 5 km back uphill to the resort on the Red Trail in the Khao Yai Tieng Bike Park, ending up at the resort for beer and refreshments, and the Sunday Circle.


  • Resort: Baan Subsilathong (บ้านทรัพย์ศิลาทอง), Tambon Khlong Phai, Amphoe Sikhio, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30340
  • Tel: 090 267 3434
  • Map location: https://goo.gl/maps/U2RLfKLA2e92
  • Time: approx. 2.5 to 3+ hours, depending on traffic and exit point from Bangkok
  • Distance: ~200 km
  • Directions:
  1. Take 2nd Stage Expressway north out of Bangkok toward Bang Pa-in
  2. Merge onto Route 1 north toward Saraburi and then go east onto Route 2 at Saraburi. We recommend taking the bypass around Saraburi (Route 362) and then merge onto Route 2 toward Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima).

  3. Follow Highway 2 through Pakchong. About 30 mins after Pakchong, you will see wind turbines in the distance on a large mountain on the right side (Khao Yai Tiang).

  4. There will be major elevated road construction. The construction goes for several km. While you are under the elevated construction, Google Maps may direct you to make a U turn and then head up the hill toward the resort. This is a back way on a narrow road, which is harder to drive, and only saves a couple of minutes. We recommend you NOT take this turn. Instead, continue on the main highway (Route 2). About 2 km after the overhead road veers away from Route 2, take a U-turn near the top of a hill after km marker 89.

  5. After you take the U turn, drive back (toward Bangkok) on Route 2, for about 3 km, and take a left at a small intersection immediately after passing under a pedestrian bridge (see photos below). As you drive up the hill you will catch sight of windmills above the treetops in front of you. And you will also see a very tall blue sign with directions to many different resorts and sites on Khao Yai Tiang.
    Take a look at the photo album for extra information, ensuring you won't miss a turn

  6. Drive up the road about 5 km, and you will see the resort on your left.

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