Bangkok Hash House Bikers


We are a group of people who like to take our mountain bikes out for a ride once a month. We enjoy a ride of 40-50km and then socialise over a few beers afterwards, in the same manner as the running Hash House Harrier packs.
Most of our rides involve a weekend trip, staying at an inexpensive resort on the Saturday night.We usually meet on the last weekend of each month somewhere within two or three hours driving time from Bangkok.
Bring your own bike unless the misdirections indicate that there are bikes for rent. Or you can rent a bike from SpiceRoads (see event details for more information about this). There will always be someone to help you with your flat tyres, but be sure to bring your own pump and spare tube!
At the start of every ride only the hares who laid the trail know where it goes. Just follow the shredded paper and enjoy warm and friendly Thailand.
N.B. All participants take part at their own risk.

How do I join?

To join a ride just turn up at the resort an hour or so before the roll-off with everything you need. Look for Hash Cash to register and pay your ride fee. To become a Life Member of Bangkok Bike Hash tell Hash Cash when you register, and pay him the one off membership fee of B500 in addition to your normal ride fee.

How much does it cost?

Saturday Sunday Sat + Sun
Member 400 200 600
Non-Member 500 300 800
Non-rider (13+) 300 200 500
12 & under (rider & non-rider) 100 100 200
Lifetime Membership fee: 500

These prices cover drinks and sandwiches after the ride as well as BHHB running costs.

First time rider? Read the riders advice!


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