Committee Jobs

This page outlines the duties of each member of the illustrious Bangkok Bike Hash committee. Its purpose is to make it easier for all members to understand who does what and for new committee members to understand what they need to do.
If you think anything needs to be added, changed or clarified please send your suggestion to the Grand Master.
If a committee member is unable to perform their duties one month (e.g. because you can't attend the ride) then it is their job to find someone to cover for them.

Grand Spoke

"Grand Master" - a.k.a. "G.M". or "Giant Spoke" or "Grand Spoke".
Leader of the Hash group.


  • Make sure other committee members do their job
  • Create the next year committee at end of term.
  • Set next AGM (Annual General Meeting).
  • Set and run Committee meetings.
  • Fix any problem to make sure the Bike Hash happens!
  • Prepare chain of office for next AGM (add his/her own name to it).
  • Communicate with other Hashes, in the event of any inter-Hash, or other joined events.
  • Ensure the Hash remains financially healthy.
On the Bike Hash

Before the ride starts:

  • Ten minutes before the ride, announce New Rider Briefing, remind riders to pay Hash cash, and announce that non-riders who plan to join the circle for food and drink should pay Hash cash as well.
  • Meet with the new riders to brief them. (Ask a Thai Committee Member to brief in Thai for non-English speakers.)
    • Welcome them.
    • Explain what a Bike Hash is.
    • Explain about following paper, going back to paper if they lose it, calling passing, being passed, walking up a hill or stopping to rest (move to the side), whistling, briefly explain checks / false trails / u-turns.
    • Invite them to join us at the circle at the end of the ride.
    • Ask if they have any questions.
  • Start the rides (introduce the hares, so they can do the hare briefing).

After the ride at the circle:

  • Start the circle after each ride (announce a 5 minute circle warning + remind people who haven’t paid Hash cash to do so).
  • Put hares of current ride in circle.
  • Introduce new members, guests, returners, and give out rewards for 25, 50, 100, 200, etc. (with help from Hash cash, and mugger).
  • Hand over circle to RAs.
  • After RAs, take circle over again.
  • Introduce next months rides.
  • Get info from hares about dinner, sunday ride, check out times, etc.
  • Get any other announcements in the circle.
  • Dismiss the circle.

Joint Spoke (X2)

Reserve GM, take that job, if the GM is not able to join a Hash, or has to leave town. Responsibilities See GM’s duties.

Religious Advisor (X3)

Person who 'punishes' people who have committed misdemeanours (real or perceived) during the ride.

  • Collect evidence (or make it up) about ‘offences’ during the Hash weekend.
  • Bring in people so that they feel part of the Bike Hash community.
  • Introduce people in the circle to help them become part of the Bike Hash community.
  • Have fun and get people laughing with, not at, each other.


The Secretary of the Hash is the person who sends out emails on the email list, takes and disseminate minutes from committee meetings, and does other secretarial work.

  • Add new members to email lists.
  • Send out emails to BHHB members using Google Groups, typically for next or future ride information, other Hash events, messages from committee, or other bikes related issues.
  • Add anyone who asks to Facebook page, as long as they are not bots, or spammers.
  • Delete posts which are not relevant and block users who repeat this offence.
  • Pin post on request by GM.
  • Post on Facebook group on request from GM, Hash flash, on sec, or hares.
  • Create Facebook event for each Hash (how to do this still needs to be worked out).
  • Prepare agenda for committee meetings.
  • Take minutes draft / final meetings and sent them out to committee.

On-Sec Ass

Back-up person for duties of On-Sec.

  • Assume responsibilities of On-Sec or assist On-Sec when required.
  • Make agenda / notes / minutes regarding BHHB meetings.

Trail Master

Actively coerce members to volunteer to hare in order to maintain a roster of hares for upcoming Hashes.

  • Promote haring at Hash weekends, via communication channels, and every waking moment.
  • Build capacity in members to be able to hare.
  • Match willing hares with more time than money with people who would like to contribute to the Hash who have more money than time.
  • Maintain roster of hares for upcoming Hashes on BHHB web site via Web Nerd.
  • Facilitate the creation of the announcement email with the hare team.
  • Update Advice for Hares web page on BHHB site as needed.
  • Encourage hare teams to follow the advice on the advice page.

Hash Cash

Responsible for the money and memberships of the Hash. He/she must take down all riders each month, and collect money, and give out money to people who have Hash expenses, and update database each month.

  • Hash cash payment start 12:20 on saturday and finish at 12:50.
  • Hash cash payment start at 09:20 on sunday and finish at 09:50.
  • Collect money for all riders or non-riders (who eat/drink), and mark down on sheets.
  • Prepare new sheets from database before each ride.
  • Update database from sheets after each ride.
  • Make copy of database each month, and send to Hash cash team .
  • Prepare monthly Hash cash summary and send to GM and Hash cash team.
  • Refund money to hares for food and etc.
  • Any refund not “normal” must be cleared by GM first.
  • Make report for Hash mugger each month (for making awards).
  • Note down new names in the circle.
  • Update email list monthly with new members and send to On-sec and On-sec Ass.
  • Advise GM on returners (been away for 1 year and more, and come back).
  • Advise GM on rewards ready to be give out (circle).

Hash Cash Ass (x2)

Back-up person for duties of Hash Cash.

  • Assume responsibilities of Hash Cash or assist Hash Cash when required.

Hash Piss

Purchase and transport the beer and cooler locks to the Hash and take away the leftovers for the next Hash.

  • Store leftovers, buy new, and bring sufficient supplies to the rides.
  • Coordinate with hares for number, size and location of ice boxes.
  • Obtain direct contact number of Resort Go-To (RGT) person responsible for producing box+ice.
  • Coordinate with RGT location of boxes on the day (ensuring ice remains in bags until beer is put in - putting beer into an already full box of loose ice is a bitch).
  • Ensure boxes are filled before ride, lock them and handover keys to the hares.
  • At the end of circle, make sure the coolers are locked and that the hares have the keys for the Sunday circle.
  • Coordinate padlocks and the steel hooks, to be requested back from hares after Sunday circle is dismissed.
  • Ensure all of the above are clearly delegated to Hash Piss Ass if HP cannot attend.

Hash Piss Ass (x3)

Back-up person and assistant for duties of Hash Piss.

  • Assume responsibilities of Hash Piss when required.
  • Help bring / load into ice box / take away if needed (as there can sometimes be a lot of beer / limited space in a car for one person to do alone).

Hash Softie

Responsible to buy and/or coordinate the buying and transportation of soft drinks to the Hash weekends.

  • Purchase sufficient soft drinks to supply each Hash.
  • Transport soft drinks to each Hash.
  • Fill up the provided icebox, lock it and handover key to the hares.
  • At the end of circle, make sure the coolers are locked and that the hares have the keys for the Sunday circle.
  • Collect leftovers after a Hash to be used at future Hashes.
  • Request back lock and keys after Sunday circle dismissed.

Hash Softie Ass (x2)

Back-up person for duties of Hash Softie.

  • Assume responsibilities of Hash Softie or assist Hash Softie when required.
  • Assist or act on behalf of Hash Softie when he calls upon you.

Hash Flash

Person responsible to coordinate the taking and collection of sufficient photos to document Hash weekend activities.

  • Take pictures of the Bike Hash activities during the events such as roll-off, ride, circle, etc.
  • After the Hash, select the photos, set up albums, and upload to website (Flickr).
  • Coordinate with Web Nerd (communicate with web nerd when the photos ready on the website let him/her make the link to BHHB

Hash Flash Ass

Organise as few night rides as possible (3-5/year), occasionally appearing to put in an effort, whilst standing on the shoulders of others.

  • Take pictures of the Bike Hash activities during the events such as roll-off, ride, circle, etc.
  • Coordinate and/or assist Hash Flash when required.

Hash Gerbil

Organise as few night rides as possible (3-5/year), occasionally appearing to put in an effort, whilst standing on the shoulders of others.

  • Maintain mailing list of regular and other interested riders.
  • Coordinate with Trailmaster on future rides close to Bangkok (c.2hrs).
  • Coordinate with Hares for GPS data/suggestions for night trail, minimising risk of revealing day trails (mix Sat/Sun, reverse ride, add unused recce trails).
  • Recee night trails for safety and familiarisation (there is no paper trail).
  • Announce via Night Riders email circular +1 month in advance.
  • Coordinate with On Sec to ensure general announcement +1 month in advance.
  • Take RSVP/attendance list and distribute GPS data to riders 1 week in advance.
  • Lead the ride and arrange sweep (i.e. Hash Gerbil Ass).
  • Coordinate with Gerbil Ass to spread workload of haring/receeing.

Hash Moosik

Start the singing in the circle. Try to be funny.

  • Start the singing.
  • Finish the singing.
  • Must be at circle.

Piss Pot Pusher

Responsible for running the Piss Pot of the Month activity at the circle after the Saturday Hash ride.

  • To oversee and encourage people to participate in the circle by nominating other people.
  • To enhance a sense of fun and community. We are Hash not a bike club!
  • Call for nominations.
  • Make up nominations if they are lacking.
  • Review reasons for nomination and ask for applause/approval.
  • Determine who has the most applause/approval and present that person with the Piss Pot.

Piss Pusher

Give cups of beer to folks who have been called into the circle for down downs.

  • Bring the cups and piss pot to the Hash each month.
  • Before the circle, set up a station. Bring cans over. Set up a rinse basin (use the box the cups are stored in).
  • During the circle, pour cups of beer (and soft drink) for down downs. Pass these out to the folks who have been called into the circle.
  • In the event of a naming, get a cup of ice water for the person doing the naming to use on the person being named.
  • Tidy up after the circle.
  • Make sure the cups and piss pot go with someone who will attend the next month’s Hash.

Web Nerd

Highest responsibility given to a hasher, ensuring endless fame and eternal glory. Also, manage this BHHB website.

  • Keep the Bike Hash website up to date with information supplied by members.
  • When necessary ask the organisers of upcoming events for information to put on the website.
  • Before uploading information review it to ensure it is clear and makes sense.
  • When requested, add links from the website to photo albums and videos taken by members.
  • Make sure website hosting bills are paid.

Web Ass

Responsible for maintaining the BHHB email group (google groups) and maintain the BHHB Facebook page (admit members of group etc). (PS: this position has been given to only one person so far, and this person has also had other jobs at the same time).

  • Help Web Nerd if he needs help with website.
  • Help On-sec if need technical help with email list.


Responsible for creating the awards for 25 rides, 50 rides and 100 rides (every 100 after that).

  • Get input from Hash cash.
  • Order awards according to rules/guidelines (25 rides whistle, 50 rides pewter mug, 100 rides crystal mug, x00 ride not sure).
  • Items must be engraved with riders name and date of ride.


Make sure the Hash has enough whistles at any given time. Buy more if needed.

  • Find source of cheap whistles (must be less than 50 baht for whistle and lanyard).
  • Buy large amounts of whistles.
  • Get money back from Hash cash.
  • Give many whistles to Hash cash. (Hash cash can sell and give out to new members.)
  • Sell whistles directly to Hashers (50 baht) before the rides (optional).

Hash Haberdash

Design and coordinate with manufacturer to create T-shits, jerseys, or other BHHB related products, mostly hare shirts/jerseys, or other event shirts.

  • Design and propose designs to committee.
  • Produce product agreed upon in committee.
  • Get cash refund or deposit from Hash cash.
  • Come up with new, fresh designs.
  • Coordinate with manufactures.
  • Sell old shirts on Hash dinners or such.

Hash Haberdash Ass

Help the Hash Haberdash.

  • Assume responsibilities of Hash Haberdash or assist Hash Haberdash when required.

Hash Piss Pool (x4)

Extra people who can be called upon, when Hash piss or softie needs help.

  • Buy and/or carry beer or softies.
  • See Hash Piss or Hash Softie duties.