Riders advice


Participants attending BHHB events do so at their own risk. By joining our events, you agree to assume all risks involved and cannot hold BHHB responsible for personal injuries and/or property losses or damages.

Essential Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Pump, spare inner tube, tyre levers & bike tool
  • If you borrow from anyone, make sure you return or replace
  • Mobile phone with Hare's phone number
  • Water - though there will be a drinks stop halfway round it will be very hot so you need at least 2 litres of water or electrolyte.
  • Resort name card + sufficient money to charter a pick-up truck if you need to

No bike? Rent one!

The Rides

Bike Hash events are usually weekend affairs set at an inexpensive resort or hotel (B1,000-B1,500 per night) 100-200km from Bangkok. Most people drive to the ride site on Saturday morning, though some like to make it a more leisurely weekend by driving there on Friday. The Sunday ride usually finishes about lunch time, allowing for a leisurely afternoon drive back to the pollution of Bangkok. The website will tell you how to book the accommodation.

The Saturday ride is usually between 30km and 50km and takes 4 to 5 hours, depending on the terrain. Some hares lay trails that are flat and easy while others like more technical sections. The Saturday ride usually isn't suitable for most children. Roll-off time is normally 12.30, but you need to be there an hour earlier to get your bike ready and to pay Hash Cash. Check the web for the details.

About half way round there will be a drinks stop at a shop where you can re-stock with water and soft drinks. Bring some small change with you as country shops often can't change large notes. At the end of the ride there will be water, soft drinks, beer and make-your-own ham or cheese sandwiches. These are included in the ride fee.

The Sunday 'hangover' ride starts at 9.30 (unless stated otherwise) and is usually between 20km and 25km. It is not technical, so is suitable for the whole family. Once again, at the end of the ride there are drinks and snacks available.

What to do?

Follow the shredded PAPER TRAIL

Paper is always on the left. If it's on the right, maybe the wind blew it or you're going the wrong way (go back and check) If there is no paper for 100m, you are off trail, go back to the last seen paper When "on paper", call the trail : blow your whistle or shout "On On" There will be 1 or 2 water-stops, possibly with short-cut options

X - Check – X

This is a cross ( X ) with paper and wood sticks You need to go up to 500m in any direction (maybe back) to find the trail again First hasher to find the paper: call the trail or go back to the check First hasher who reached the check, must break the check and drop new paper

Safety & Riding

When passing other riders, give them space & announce "On your left / right" If you cannot ride the trail, stop or walk on the side & let other riders pass Technical descents: ensure adequate space between riders so they can see the trail. Wait at the top if necessary and don't overtake Beware of electric fences: usually a single wire with plastic bags tied to it Be respectful of different riders' level of ability. Assist riders in need of help

Villagers & Environment

Be civilized, say "sawatdee" to villagers Respect villagers' property and houses In cultivated fields and crop areas ride without causing damage or walk Do not litter the or abuse the trail!!


Dogs: stay cool, slow down
Cows and buffalos: stay cool, slow down or stop. DO NOT WHISTLE !