Night Riders advice

Night Ride info

The Friday night night ride is intended to be a supplemental bit of fun to the day rides on the occasions where the Hash takes place within two hours drive from Bangkok. The trail is 20km+ and made up from a mixture of Saturday, Sunday and some additional rides, and we try to mix it up a little to keep you on your toes for the day rides. However, if you do recognise parts of the trail on the day, please show a little solidarity at the checks and keep the secret.

Ride preparation

  • You must register in advance by sending an e-mail to Hash Gerbil - kheggland at hotmail dot com, so that you can receive GPS data and we know who to expect.
  • If you have a GPS, load the trail into it and bring it along. If you don't have a GPS, never mind.
  • Please book a "lunch box" from the restaurant to keep warm/reheat for after the ride (kitchen may be closed)
  • Round-up time - Friday night, 7.45 at Reception
  • Roll-off time – Friday night, 8pm sharp.

The rules

  • Bring helmet, clear glasses, whistle, water, pump, tubes, patches as per normal
  • Bring lights and charged spare batteries. We recommend something head mounted with 300 lumens minimum and 3hrs burn-time. The more powerful Petzl lights or the Police type lights from the street market might do the job.
  • The trail is paperless - the group rides together and stays together!
  • Make sure you are riding/using reliable kit (don't test new kit on this ride - if one walks, we all walk)
  • No water stop - bottle up for 20km
  • If you fall behind - whistle 3 times (wait for reply)
  • Don’t go mad, be patient
  • Oh, ….and have fun!