Jul 2010

Rayong, 31/01 Aug 2010

Consisting of four buildings, the Wangjuntr Golf Lodge provides a total of 116 generously spaced rooms each with private space. The low rise hotel giving 50 rooms available, offers each guest a level of intimacy with dramatic views overlooking the green hills and championship golf course.

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Rob 'Compussy' R

Linda 'Blister Bits' F

Gilles 'Captain Condom' B

Ride report

Venue: Wangjuntr Golf Park, Wang Chan, Rayong provinceHares: Rob Rosenberg, Linda Fraikin, Gilles and Da.Date: 31 July/1 August 2010.Scribe: Martin Ramsay…aka Passing GasWelcome to the thrilling adventures of Captain Condom and the Temple of Doom….er……Serpants!Captain with his very able Team of Hares, Rob, Linda and Khun Da, struck out to discover new pastures to lay the trails upon and their endeavours were not without success!Hashers with their support teams of wives, children and significant others, gathered at the sumptuous settings of the Wangjuntr Golf Park in the Rayong Province where Swiss style cottages were available for those larger groups. Rumour has it the Resort was chosen due to the Captain feeling somewhat homesick!Shortly after the start on Saturday the trail led us through a magnificent Temple for meditation featuring many statues of animals with colourful serpents or dragons! Here we found the first of several intriguing Checks sending the FRBs off to explore the many trails around the Temple, treading with care on the slippery moss growing on the paths in the shadows of the numerous trees.Heading out into the countryside, the Hares obviously had a wealth of paper to shred as the trail was well marked allowing us 'slowbies' bringing up the well-to-the-rear of the pack, time to enjoy the scenery without the worry of losing the trail and arriving back at the Resort after dark! As has happened in the past!!Once into the open countryside the trails were relaxing making good use of the tracks at the side of fields eventually leading to innocuous sign indicating take the right trial for an ‘easy’ life or take the left and regret your decision!!Being gluttons for punishment, many headed left and suffered on the seriously step grassy tracks leading to the summit!Many that is, except the Giant rider who ‘whoosed-out’ (meaning chickened-out) and shall be know hence forth as ‘noi-Giant-man’!!Interestingly enough, hard as the up-hill trial was, it was the subsequent down-hill on the other side which proved the more difficult! The trail lead us past some field workers busily excavating with a large digger, no doubt preparing a ‘tiger-trap’ for next year’s Hash! On we went following the paper towards the far corner of the field where a tiny gap in the hedge revealed the start of the downhill route. On viewing the barely visible path leading into the gloomy decent through the seemingly impenetrable jungle, one hardy Hasher was heard to mutter, “we’re about to enter Jurassic Park!” Twisting and turning in tight spaces around the small trees, searching in the shadowy gloom for the correct line. Placing your front wheel between the many rocks which were just waiting to stop your bike’s forward progress causing the hapless rider to continue over the handle bars on the steep decent! As the author did three times and has the scars to prove it!!As the ride continued, the Hares had made good use of the interesting countryside laying a route which kept us riders entertained throughout. There was even some sand in places to remind us why we hate to ride on sand!On the plus side, and there were many positive aspects of this weekend’s Hash, the highlight being the trails winding through the rubber plantations in the welcome shade under the rubber trees slowly oozing their nectar into the little cups at the base of each tree.With the well laid trails, interesting countryside, shady cool groves, this was Hash to be well savored.After the great rides it was fun to see the looks of astonishment on the faces of the oh-so-well dressed golfers Teeing off near the Circle location! Never had their hallowed Greens seen the like of the motley crew of mud covered, sweaty, beer drinking, singing, swearing, happy ‘true-blue’ Hashers before!For those who attended this weekend’s Hash, with the great trails, spot on Resort with excellent food and all so well organized, it was obvious the many years of Hashing experience of the Hares to bring such an event together. The whole event organized by a Team of real ‘pros’!!Thanks guys for an excellent weekend.


43.35 km, 666.0 m
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23.24 km, 235.0 m
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