May 2010

Saraburi, 22/23 May 2010


Jock 'Shoulder Shock' M

Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Ride report

Venue: Saraburi, Rai Wansnit Resort.Hares: Agony Aunt, Shoulder Shock, and Carpet Burn.Date: 22/23 May 2010.Scribe: Chris O…aka SASIt was many a soul who departed Bangkok to brave the world of Saraburi’s hills this past weekend. As we mounted our steeds on Saturday to brave the French/American laid trails of terror; long steep climbs and scorching downhills, we were met by more foes, the “reds” showed up early….ants that is and nary a rider escaped unbitten. This seemed par for the week. Once past the ants, the hills and the searing heat (43 degrees C according to one rider’s thermostat) took their toll on the team.By the time the riders reached the lone water stop at a distant 22+ km, most were dry, tired, shriveled and thirsty. The water stop being well-supplied provided much needed shade and ample supplies of fluids/salt/bananas and various other sundries, enough so that the majority of the troop was able to soldier on.Unknown to them, the “hill of doom” lay around the second half. Using ropes and pitons to reach to the top, provided by Annie, a hare, I brought up the rear in belay. I assured Annie several riders were behind since at my departure time from the water stop, 30 or so riders remained, but no, it seems I was nearly the last, the others having opted for a couple of convenient shortcuts. Not a bad choice in retrospect.The second half of Saturday’s ride was quite scenic, lot’s of good singletrack and jungly countryside that gave way to jeep-tracks and easy, fast cruising. Most riders rolled in spent, thirsty and uncommunicative, at least until the refreshment stand sated their thirst. I for one, could not speak for nearly an hour and cramped non-stop for at least two. I was assured I was not alone.A bountiful dinner was served with excellent Thai cuisine and more of the golden brew. A few wine and whiskey bottles were seen among the crowd; but that was tomorrow’s problem.Early morning broke with the heavy sounds of rain, quite welcome given the heat of the prior day. The coolness of the Sunday morning welcomed a much smaller but gregarious group of riders clamoring for more of the Saraburi countryside. At the “On On”, the pack jutted forward, a bit more energized by the coolness of the early morning. The twisty, turning, singletracking, sidewinding Sunday ride was a lot of fun as evidenced by the many smiling, grinning riders near the end. Perhaps it was the contrast with the tough Saturday ride or maybe it was just that we have notched another double this weekend.Thanks Annie, Jock and Patricia for an enjoyable weekend!On On, Chris O…aka SAS


45.49 km, 616.0 m
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28.53 km, 257.0 m
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