Jan 2009

Lopburi, 31/01 Feb 2009


Joris 'S' L

Wanchalerm 'Dominatrix' S

Ride report

Venue: Narai Hill Golf and Country Club, Lopburi province.Hares: Joris “Stairmasturbator” L and Lerm “Dominatrix” S.Date: 31 January/1 Feberuary 2009.  Ride nos:- 308 and 309.Scribe: Wolfgang "Shity Shity Bang Bang" M“GM’s, “weedeater’s” order “ (through joint spoke “Dave”) > my “pissed pleasure…”…Why?...my otherwise happy mood throughout the weekend at Narai Hill, Lopburi got a twist to the opposite when at the Sunday’s great ride , just leaving the waterstop , that nasty joint spoke approached me from …behind(!) ….and passed on the “order” > I have to do the write-up, full stop!There I was , “Bang” and “Shit” not only by my hash name , frantically trying to revoke ‘Little Richard’s’ order….including mentioning that it used to be the last hare’s responsibility…and that I am not a native speaker at all (Jawoll!)…It did not help …So the second half of the otherwise great Sunday’s ride I tried (in vain) to remember some events of the previous day…only realizing , that due to missed training and a lot of good food and Christmas cookies during my recent holidays in Germany my Saturday adventure came to a grinding halt already after a quick decision at the first waterstop to take the shortcut to more pleasures in helping John, “The Pope” and Ralf testing several beers and setting up the circle.Thus, after all, and finally I may tell those of the 98 bikehashers of Saturday’s ride more about what they had missed on Sunday:First and foremost : the sun was shining with full power and made us sweating already the first 200 meters up the hill on the access road being the beginning of an otherwise well designed trail by no other than “Dominatrix” who really got us dominantly shaking …specially the men…as a major part (of the trail) took us through hardly visible tracks full with rocks and …. thorns …all repeating the characteristic training of fixing those tubes and catching up…we already had experienced the previous day.Being in the “rear guard”, we …at times … in trying to catch up…. were racing against some cow herds, wondering whether one of us was smelling like a frightening Ox or just because they enjoyed (in the year of the Ox) seeing us and took up a bet amongst themselves of who would be faster.But the highlight … believe it or not…was the GM with calling someone in the circle who had mentioned to his wife, “beefeater” …while she was caring for a cat of the resort resting quite close to her ….”what a nice Pussy” ; we were of course stunned and afraid what would happen next…but…all the GM asked was > “what about my share…” Also to mention are the christenings of “Swallow” and “No Nuts” as well as awarding 2 present 25ers who …the rumor has it … are looking forward to “volunteer” for so far vacant haring of June rides onwards…. Can all of you join the GM and the trailmaster, to get them the kick and following the call …this time not a call of the nature…but a call for their contribution in the right spirit of the ever so great BHHB.On, On Shity Shity Bang Bang 


42.95 km, 569.0 m
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25.66 km, 329.0 m
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