Oct 2008

Chonburi, 18/19 Oct 2008


Rob 'Compussy' R

Wolfgang 'Shity Shity Bang Bang' M

Ride report

Venue: Learning Resort of Thammasat University (Pattaya Campus).Hares: Rob R. and Shitty Shitty Bang Bang.Date: 18/19 October 2008. Ride nos:- 302/303.Scribe: Laura HeroldALL HAIL THE HARES....  for an amazing ride! We arrived Saturday to sun-shiny Thammasat Learning Centre where the bikes hummed with excitement ready to be taken off road. After Cherry and I became official members of the bike hash, we were ordained with our whistles and set off to explore the unchartered territory of Pattaya... setting foot where no sexpat has ever set foot before! On on! A clearly marked rideable trail... not a drop of rain.... amazing views... options to take the hard route or the slacker route.... water stops every 12K... short cuts at each water stop!! ... what more could a recreational hasher ask for!?!??! The ride ended by the pool where all the happy lil' hashers rounded up for circle and enjoyed their eats and treats! The evening meal was just a step away from divine, but the company and merriment of all those around made up for any discretionary taste buds. With the help of a few beers I think all slept well nestled into the happy hash resort! The morning dew on the buttercups glistened on Sunday morning after a midnight shower. Hashers gathered around for the briefing and then off they went for another amazing ride (although distinctly defined from the Saturday ride) The ride started humorously with a straight uphill trick, but riders were quickly rewarded with the mountaintop views. On-on through fields and horse pastures and golfing clubs and around lakes, every bit a moment of divine pleasure. Once again with plentiful water stops and short cuts and a graceful ending again by the pool! Hashers circled up and once again hailed the hares! The prize went to the once known Rob Rosenberg who was christened for his haring efforts with the hash name Cum-pussy in honor of setting the trail single handedly armed with only a compass! All in all... a perfect and ideal bike hash! ALL HAIL THE HARES! HIP HIP HOOORAAAAAAAAAY! 


33.84 km, 492.0 m
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26.18 km, 263.0 m
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