Sep 2008

Khao Yai North, 27/28 Sep 2008


Brian 'Numb Nut' D

John 'Crackerjack' F

Jan 'Butt Clencher' M

Ride report

Date: 27/28 Sept 2008.  Ride Nos:- 300/301Venue: Nong-Neng Khao Jan Resort, SikhiuHares: Brian "Numb Nuts" D, John Frontczak, and Jan Maarten "Butt Clincher" P.Scribe: Simon BattenSaturday’s ride was billed as a fantastic adventure. It was that and more. Departing from the foothills of some spectacular plateaus near Korat, the group headed out at a cracking pace. The bunch rose through some stunning scenery, along exposed ridges and boulder-strewn paths. After being lost, dazed and confused we managed to find ourselves back on track and climbing up vast expanses of sheet rock, sprinkled with prickly cacti. A few were de-pricked in true style by some seemingly grateful prick recipients.After Dyke Diver proved you don’t need to be able to operate a GPS to find a hole in which to fall, the group descended into a tunnel of low, overhanging trees that had the limbo fans hollering with joy. After a quick, electrifying descent to the water stop the group pushed back up the rise. Here they were rewarded with a truly stunning view from the edge of one of the tabletop plateaus down into the Korat Basin. The 5.00 o’clock tropical sun imbued the whole landscape down below with a beautiful peace and tranquillity that serenaded the riders, reminding us why we come back month after month. This inner-peace was quickly replaced by pure adrenaline as an absolutely epic downhill section opened up from the top and continued for the last 8ks back to the resort. As the sun set down the valley, the mile wide grins on the faces of the riders were stuffed with cake and ice-cream in celebration of ride number 300 and all that is great about the hash. The next day the riders awoke to a beautiful cool mountain morning, quietude and half naked Frenchmen escaping out of bathroom windows. Stylish Jerry, who could not read English, thought the Sunday ride would be on paved bike paths. The rest of us, who could read English, thought the ‘hangover’ ride would be an easy ride and a great introduction for those who had not yet ridden one. All of us quickly re-adjusted our expectations.We crossed beautiful countryside, bumpy fields and sandy bogs. We tore through great, fast single-track and hurtled along cooling mountain streams. Navigational challenges, false trails and the Hares’ wicked sense of humour kept us on our toes. Sprinklers in the taro fields provided the riders with a welcome respite. But for many this was the only water they would be seeing until they got back to the Resort as even those armed with compasses didn’t manage to find the water stop. This led to a tough second half of the ride for many and some desperate, giardia-defying drinking from others.Barbara enlisted the help of the accommodating and chivalrous amongst us to get her bike back in full riding order for the car trip back to the resort. While No Meat’s new-found illegitimate son wanted more than milk from his ‘mum’ when he jumped on to her back wheel for a free ride home. His Tour de France-esque tactics earnt him ‘victory’ and a subsequent public dressing down and multiple down-downs. With the challenges and difficulty befitting a Saturday ride, there was a fear that those on their first ride may have had two rides that day: their first and last. But the countryside, challenge, adventure and camaraderie will surely bring the first timers back to the hash circle.Thanks to the hares for their hard work. A huge effort had gone in to let us experience such a great range of the local countryside and this was greatly appreciated by all those hydrated enough to express it. 


33.59 km, 893.0 m
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29.15 km, 371.0 m
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