Jul 2007

Khao Yai North, 21/22 Jul 2007

Ride report

Ride:- 272/273.                        21/22 July 2007.Location:- Sak Phu Duen Hotel near Khao Yai (north).Hares:- Frank "Rubber Fingers" Teeuwen and “San” Suangsan Chotithamaporn.Scribe:- Eric J.D. Cornille (louloubkk).This 272-273th edition of Bangkok Hash ride started in a very nice hotel Sak Phu Duen resort nested at the foot of the Khao Yai Hill. This ride of about 45 km was with no major difficulties for the 67 riders and was quite peaceful. The hill sceneries that we cross were beautiful and remind me my home country. The air was cool, it was a real pleasure. I would like to thank the hares to save the wood forest because the shredded paper short as my hair was so little were almost inexistent on the trail and may be blew away by the wind. It was real fun to stop so often.We started the ride between honor range of cows both side .They certainly have never seen so many human activities in such a short time. We got a lot of checks and have plenty of time to chat while many were searching the trail. At once we got stuck in area for half an hour and were in the impossibility to find the right track in the forest. Then we ride through the beautiful Mission Hill Khao Yai golf course with haunting mountains which provide a perfect backdrop. We speed the last section on the asphalt road.At The circle, we congratulated “Lem” and “Peter” for their 100 rides respectively under the perfect voice of our soprano Hash music” Chris” who gave the “ Mi-Mi tone at every occasion. One of the French riders had the opportunity to taste of his new shoes as he drank his beer from this special container. Once again, thanks to the hares “San” and Frank” to have organize this sympathic hash ride.Written By Eric J.D. Cornille(louloubkk)


45.0 km, 460.0 m
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30.64 km, 255.0 m
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