Sep 2006

Rayong, 23/24 Sep 2006


Richard 'Scrotum Dave' J

Da 'Black Buttocks' J

Peter 'Bald Eagle' C

Ride report

Ride:- 252/253.  23/24 September 2006.                          Location:- Orchard Park Resort, Klaeng.Hares:- Richard and Da Jones and Peter Coeshott            Scribe:- Claudia SchlueterOn arrival at Orchard Park on Saturday morning it looked like the ride might be a complete wash out, with pouring rain and clouds that hungs so low that they were touching the surrounding hills. But fortunately by the time people had gotten themselves organised, grabbed some power grub and satisfied Hash Cash the skies cleared up and the sun tried timidly to break through on occasions.We knew we were in for an interesting ride when the news spread that one of the hares had lost her shoe in an attempt to cross some kind of wet land or river. About 80 riders embarked on a varied ride through a beautifully undulating if wet landscape. The trails were marked by slippery mud runs and many nice, big, multi-coloured puddles much to the delight for the splashers in the crowd. Bald Eagle had warned us that they had incorporated many back checks and some long false trails, always an elation for the FRBs and a cause of Schadenfreude for us slower ones in the back.The dramatic highlight of the ride was set by a fearless friend of the GMs, Mirko.  In his attempt to spice up a non-spectacular downhill by somersaulting with his bike, decided to use his chin as first line of contact with the ground and internalize (is this a medical term? Ed) the breaklever into his arm muscles - and all that while his helmet was still on the backseat of a Bangkok taxi.  Do not try this at home!  As a result his ride was terminated, and he headed off to hospital on a motorbike to get sown back together with twenty-something stiches.Ditches proved to be another interesting feature of the ride resulting in broken chains, bruised balls (painful!) and head over dive–ins. Fortunately some people were well prepared for all occasions, sporting expeditions style backpacks containing a variety of gadgets  and pumps amidst masses of used and unused rubber. The RA saw this is as just cause for aptly naming the person with the biggest pack ‘Huge Sack’. Another newcomer was named ‘Kretin’ for modeling headgear with prehistoric creatures. The French section of the group managed to escape the scrutiny of the circle by arriving nearly at the end, only to make so much noise whilst rummaging in the remains of the post Hash sandwich buffet to be told off and being cited into the circle by the GM. This late arrival record was to be beaten by part of the Brazilian fraction who managed to miss the circle all together, but at least made it in time for dinner.Sunday saw a much smaller crowd eagerly awaiting the fairly late ride off. Although overcast it was a dry day with perfect riding conditions. The 37km ride was marked by lots of dirt trails, many ups and downs interspersed with some quite welcomed road sections. Again a varied ride through rubber forests and all kinds of shrubbery with many wet and muddy interludes.The stars of the downhills undoubtedly were in the under-10 category displaying some impressive mastery of their fully suspended high tech riding equipment, and even better command of their fathers when getting them to push them up the hill. No major accidents or dramas on this ride apart from Serge having a rather close and intimate encounter with a 6m brown python or at least some wiggly wily creature who obviously was enamoured with his bike and just would not let go. Happy Camper decided to go the extra mile and amused us all with late arrival virtually collapsing into the circle.All in a very pleasant and very well organized Hash weekend in another beautiful and varied spot of rural Thailand. Well done to the hares, Richard, Da and Peter Coeshott.On-on!


45.64 km, 742.0 m
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35.69 km, 529.0 m
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