Jul 2006

Kanchanaburi, 29/30 Jul 2006


Matt 'Lubricunt' B

Alistair 'Beefeater' A

Ride report

Rides:- 248/249  29/30 July 2006.                          Location:- Kanchanaburi, Suan Sri Resort, SaiyokHares:- Matt Bruggen and Alastair AtkinsonI have always enjoyed riding in Kanchanburi as it offers a variety of terrain and tracks to explore. The hash proved to be yet another great weekend.The Saturday ride seemed like a never ending ride for me since I had three flats and was rushing to get back to resort before it was too late to see the path in front of me. Luckily, I made it back before all the beer was gone. Not long into the ride, we had a taste of what the rest of the ride was going to offer. We came upon an elephant trail and as we rode through this trail, we could hear the hares shouting out, “On On” from across the river. After several minutes of circular riding we figured out that we needed to exit via the same point of entry. However, Tonja insisted that we ride toward a swamp which was nowhere in sight. At the same time, Frederic and his French posse managed to mislead us to a dead end. All the while, the hares had their feet dipped in the river across from us and were laughing away.The remaining ride offered a combination of red dirt road, single track and undulating trails through the jungle with several checks. On one particular check, I happened to talk to a farmer who was curious about where we were headed. I explained to him that we are following a shredded paper trail back to the resort from where we started. He was glad to hear that the shredded paper belonged to us and not to some thugs trying to burn down his fruit plantation.I arrived to the circle rather late but was able to catch a new occurrence at this hash. While most of us were frantically trying to get hold of whatever little beer was left, John Earl and his partner were enjoying a bottle of red wine! I also remember being called into the circle for not doing last month’s write up. Oops, I almost didn’t do this month’s either… Lastly, I learned that Kate Ross had been bitten by a dog as she loaded her bike to onto a pick-up truck. What a day!The next day’s ride offered two trails, one trail for the “PLAYERS” (31 km), and the other for “FAGS” (22 km), as announced by the hares. On both days the hares had made A4 sized signs boasting their photos along with messages such as, “On-On”, “False Trail”, “Danger: Electric Fence”, etc. However, the sign hat took the cake was one pointing out directions to the “PLAYERS” vs. “FAGS” trails. Incidentally, many people missed the signed and did not get the chance to choose a trail of their choice because our unannounced RA of day, Vincent, had taken the sign with him to show at the circle. The Sunday ride also took us to some of Kanachanburi’s view points, which added a nice ouch the experience. Although it was a hangover ride, the altitude levels on Sunday were higher than on the previous day's.It was another great BHHB weekend!!On-On,  Froggy Style


48.66 km, 596.0 m
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26.89 km, 300.0 m
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