Mar 2006

Nakhon Nayok, 25/26 Mar 2006


Linda 'Blister Bits' F

Rebecca 'Black Udder' W

Dianna 'Cruella Deville' L

Peter 'Bald Eagle' C

Ride report

Rides:- 240/241  25/26 March 2006Location:- Khao Yai Grand View Resort, PrachinburiHares:- Mad March Hares Black Udder, Blister Bits and Diana L with consultant Bald EagleView photos of the weekendIf a Hash Religious st1:personnameA/st1:personnamedviser points out at you and claims you are THE one i.e you have been illuminated and chosen to do the write-up), you don't argue./o:pYou just comfort yourself, cause after all 'Deus lhe pague' (God will pay you) - at least Brazilian Gods are said to do./o:pReligious st1:personnameA/st1:personnamedviser, pls forget your Frenchness, the only payment I ask for my write-up is that Brazil maintains its number one position this World Cup, thank you.SaturdayALL agreed that it was a fantastic hash. First-timers -or so-called 'visitors'- even commented it was the best hash they had ever done./o:pAlso, one way to review it is to recognize that hashers were overwhelmed by the fully sensory experience platform it provided...See / smell / hear / touch / taste.../o:pSee the view. When reaching the top, those who had lost a pedal, tripped and fell on the techy bits (especially on the going down-down-down-down-down-down-down, going down-down-down-down-down-down-down...) still agreed as they were rewarded with such stunning scenery that their misery was a small gage./ many French, or half-French... it was unbelievable./o:pHear from deep in the forests the voices from the veterans... "On-on..."/o:pTouch.../o:pThe final test... going through the military camp... No comments.../o:pIt was said that these guys had not seen a woman for a while./o:pIt was said that occasionally, the paper was re-oriented by camouflage-uniformed officers to lead straight to their tent (oups)./o:pWe are sorry to report that some lady hashers are still listed missing, and thought to have settle down in the camp; see you next hash in khao Yai gals./o:pTaste.../o:pHash taste = beer./o:pFor 'taste', pls go to next chapter: circle./o:pThe Circle and post-circle:/o:pAfter a few down-downs, Chris (Mr. Mimimimimi) appeared besides himself as people relentlessly came in and out of the circle.../o:pOn that day, we all learned that women with brown hair must be dyed in brown from blond too./o:pAfter the hashers savagely emptied a 5 meters-long buffet dinner, some mini-future-hashers jumped on stage to do their show...on-on little ones.../o:pTil... It was time for the Grand Mattress (Tricia) to re-establish the discipline and kick off the hash dance.../o:pst1:personnameA/st1:personname tornado of dancing hashers inspired following Margarita's Mexican steps.../o:pst1:personnameA/st1:personnamend Blister Bits was also standing there, superb, moving as if she would dance in the coming months (from Bkk to st1:cityst1:placeBeijing/st1:place/st1:city) no more./o:p...zzzzz.../o:pBy observation, learned today:/o:p(1)   Of the Hash baby-boom some 6 years ago -source: Bkk Hash Statistics  - Evidence: over 10 mini-future-hashers registered on that Sat night podium show. We hope its not a recurrent epidemia and would recommend ladies to watch the saddle they sit on./o:p(2)   That Lady hashers = committed smurfs (just watch their legs getting blue months after months from hitting the roads...)/o:pSunday/o:pThere again, the hash trail entered most picturesque valleys with mountains and polished Indiana Jones stones all around...well done hares for placing those so thoughtfully at the right spot.../o:pOn-on.../o:pBut also off-off... when the group of arched-legs-riders realized paper was clearly going up the damn.../o:pDamn./o:pUp we go again.../o:pReaching the water stop, the hanged-overed veteran hashers simply rated that one as one of the most gorgeous water spots, surrounded by bright pink bougainvilleas and blessed by the tastiest Pepsi of the region./o:pBack to the join a wet swimming pool circle; a real hash-splash./o:pBy tasting, learned today:Tri-color tuna sandwich spreads are the best./o:pFor copyrights, patent and recipe: just call Becky or Diana on 1800-tunaspreader


39.42 km, 477.0 m
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31.23 km, 320.0 m
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