Apr 2005

Ratchaburi, 23/24 Apr 2005


Udo 'Whinger' W

Barbara 'Wet Wipes' W

Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Ride report

Rides:- 218/219Date:- 23/24 April 2005Suan Pueng (Pavothai Resort)Hares:- Udo, Barbara,  Patricia and AnnieScribe:- Claudia SchlueterSaturdayWhere to start on today’s ride, which surely was one that got it all!  Being a fairly new spoke and a write-up virgin please forgive me for not going into particulars by way of names, places, technical details and such.A hot, hot, hot day with a quick hose down at the start meagerly attempting to prepare us for the sweats that lay in store for us. A relatively easy start lured us with a false sense of security but before long lengthy sandy bits followed by rocky sandy bits followed by rocky rocky bits claimed the first casualties.Little did we know that this was only the warm up to descending a grade IV river but without the necessary water volume to cushion the blows. Many a close and intimate encounter was had with beckoning rocks and boulders. While some relied on the tried and tested rubbing rocks technique others just couldn’t resist a full-on head over heels approach.Needless to say that one of the most discerning feature of the circle afterwards was the Show me yours I show you mine feature, with hashers proudly displaying their newly acquired bloody body decorations. Meanwhile the hares contended themselves with leading astray an innocent puppy sacrificing it up to be abused amongst other things as a set of musical instruments by the GM. Admittedly that was way after the Chang sun had set and the Singha moon had risen (which still was way after almost everybody else disappeared!).SundayWhile some of us were still blissfully recovering from the excitements of last nights entertainment, others preferred to greet the rising sun with a homage to the road donning it the missing ks of yesterday walkaride.The key feature in Sunday’s briefing was the promise to ‘get wet’ coupled with ‘a few backchecks’ which Udo announced with glee. However, starting up in the sweltering heat was a hard undertaking especially for those of us who had managed to outstay the cheesy jazz tunes the previous night.After an easy start of road sure enough the hares seemed to have discovered a new hobby of laying checks and backchecks. In contrast to the promised ‘hangover ride’ this ride proved to be one that would cure you of your hang over fast! Either that or you’d be cascading down steep gravelly downhills in a heap.However, while some regretted the previous night’s beer intake this trail provided a chance to fly for our masters of gravity. After after about 8 km all the first opportunity for quick invigorating splash presented itself in form of a cool, clear river.  Very considerate as our hares were, gathering that we might like that spot so much, they offered us the opportunity to enjoy again –but only after chasing us up a sandy hill for a back check.The rest of the trail was spiked with another couple of waterholes while meandering mellowly through the country side back to the resort for a well deserved Thunasarnie and cold beer. That is except for some of us who just couldn’t resist the extra miles on the road!


26.74 km, 512.0 m
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17.16 km, 281.0 m
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