Dec 2004

Khao Yai North, 11/12 Dec 2004


Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Jock 'Shoulder Shock' M

Ride report

Rides:- 210/211Date:- 10/11 December 2004Khao Yai FarmhouseHares:- Annie, Patricia and JockScribe:- SuzyDry corn stalks, Casuarinas needles and limestone rubble were the haunting memories for many riders who hit the road for the Khao Yai hash last Saturday. Who would have thought that such horrors were lurking in the craggy hills and wooded valleys on that peaceful afternoon? The first puncture victim fell foul less than 200m away from the Khao Yai Villa Resort but it wasn’t long before most of us were bottoms up beside the trail, sweating and pumping and struggling with unwieldy tubes.The weather was perfect for a ride, blue sky, warm sunshine and a light cool breeze. The trail was largely off road and took us through orchards and cornfields and a stable yard (it wasn’t clear who was more surprised, the riders or the horses). We toiled up steep hills to be rewarded with fantastic views of the National Park to the south and gambled with steep down hills, risking our skins for a bit of bravado! At times the dust was thick in the air as 57 riders tore through to the water stop. The break offered no reprieve for the puncture victims as yet more bikes were up-ended for a tube change, a quick patch and more ferocious pumping. The pack departed with 20km and three more hills to traverse before finally returning to the sanctuary of the resort where Annie and Patricia had laid out a good spread and received heaps of compliments on the excellent bread and the fine Dijon mustard.As the evening cooled down and the mosquitoes came out, the circle was formed and the down downs began. The puncture victims were called in, and some of the heroes (yes, it transpires that amongst the ruffians of BHHB, there exists a veritable tribe of heroes who gallantly assisted distressed looking damsels, particularly those with a bit of cleavage showing!) and new hash names were given. “Wee Wee Watcher”’ “Rear Entry” and “Pussy Stroker” come to mind but perhaps there were more.The ride on Sunday was again up hill and down dale, almost entirely off road with lots of single track riding, lots of dust and some challenging ploughed fields and ditches. Once again the hares Patricia, Annie and Jock had laid a great trail and even managed to loose three riders within a couple of kilometres of the finish. It just goes to show – it ain’t over till you’ve brushed off the dust, got a beer in one hand and a sandwich in the other …. and even then you might have to go back to look for your girlfriend!


42.81 km, 597.0 m
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31.91 km, 402.0 m
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