Oct 2004

Chonburi, 30/31 Oct 2004


Frank 'Rubber fingers' T

Wolfgang 'Shity Shity Bang Bang' M

Ride report

Rides:- 206/7Date:- 30/31 October 2004Thammasat Learning Centre, PattayaHares:- Big Frank and Wolfgang (in absentia)Scribe:- Patricia WeismantelIt was a hot Saturday afternoon, ok I'm stating the obvious, when we headed out from the Learning Center down the road and up to a happy fat Buddha where the motley crew gathered for the annual AGM photo. Luckily we had a professional photographer on hand and Udo managed to make us look half-way decent. A nice descent, which started with the stairs to the shrine for some, tsk tsk, led us to our first check. Will Moore assured us it wasn't straight on through the bushes, so everybody turned around but not knowing where to go next there was a lot of circling around a clump of trees until a whistle was heard from where else but in the direction we had been heading in.Off the pack was on a bit of single track and soon I started seeing more and more bikes and their riders on the side of trail when their inner tubes lost the battle of the thorns. I stopped to help Armand, who didn't have a spare, but said not to worry his friend Viktor was behind him and had one. Soon thereafter Viktor sped by, not even giving a side glance to Armand, who then humbly accepted my spare. All pumped up we continued on and after sliding down a ditch and crossing a narrow bridge, who do we see but Viktor on the side of the road with a flat. Without a thought or revenge, Armand stopped to help while I carried on before running into James with his flat, caused not by thorns but by a burst valve. Having no more spares, I had little to offer, so left him to beg from others.Found the pack at the drink spot, where James' girlfriend Cris had already shown her lack of concern about him to all who told her of his plight. The ride continued gently through backroads and abandoned housing developments and we ended early as intended to give us plenty of time to get ready for the AGM dinner.We were greeted by a flashback of the year's hashes in pictures on a big screen at the AGM banquet (thanks to all who took photos and to Peter for organizing them all year). It's only when you see yourself blown up do you realize that yes, you do need a new helmet, that one looks goofy and has for the last year! Our master of ceremonies and Grand Spoke Lynda welcomed us all and after handing out well-earned 25-ride cups and a few obligatory down downs remembered the purpose of the AGM and announced the new mismanagement committee. The list of all named can be found at the BHHB web site but the new Grand Spoke is none other than Wee Willy Woofer, or Will Moore, who started his term with a bang. He invited us all outside to witness a colorful and loud display of fireworks that were ooohed and aaahed by all. A great way to start off the new hashing year!Sunday's ride truly was a hangover ride for many. Unfortunately for those with headaches it required a bit of concentration as there was lots of great single track and off-road riding. Taking a corner seemed a bit too much for Nigel and Anthony, who did a synchronized fall, with Nigel having to better it by landing in a puddle which Anthony narrowly missed. I witnessed Jason pull himself narrowly out of a rut booming down a hill, after letting one biker escape the rut caught Eric who ended up leaving a few skin samples. A few others did the same in different places on the ride, making it a great mountain bike ride in my book!Thanks to Wolfgang and Frank for two great rides and a well-organized AGM.OnOn, Patricia


35.17 km, 355.0 m
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20.45 km, 260.0 m
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