Apr 2004

Rayong, 24/25 Apr 2004


Lynda 'No Meat' S

Neil 'Weed Eater' B


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Ride report

Ride:- 196Date:- 24/25 April 2004Location:- Milford Beach, Ban ChangHares:- Lynda and NeilScribe:- Peggy CrevelingFriday evening we arrived early at the lovely Milford beachside resort  in Ban Chang.  After a few room switches to ensure a working air-con,  we gathered with some other early arrivers to enjoy a gourmet meal in  the spacious dining hall.  Following dinner-and against a back-drop of  starry sky, breaking waves, and industrial fireworks at nearby Map Ta  Phut--those of us lacking new bluetooth gizmos to otherwise occupy us  wandered out to the beach to enjoy a nightcap.We cycled from our resort promptly at 1:30pm Saturday, and the sweat  started to pour.  So naturally we sought shade at the first check,  sporadically sending scouts to find the trail.  R U?!!!  It took a lot of  effort--and several phone calls--before we were on again.  But it was the  next check that proved most difficult.  Convinced that the large pile  of shredded paper couldn't be the trail, that the Eastern Star guard was  correct that no one had biked in his estate that morning, and that the  bits of trash on the roadside were hash paper--a group rode straight  down the hardball clocking not a few extra kms.... Eventually back on the trail, we found the perplexed hares waiting for  the pack--apparently the large pile of shredded paper (now stuffed in  someone's shorts) was in fact a check--Oops!   Crossing the railroad  tracks up a hill, we were back on to encounter the next stop:  Giant  gapping chasm!  Hashers took casualties.   After that, the "25km" water  stopped at 40km...with heat taking its toll, the pack divided.  The long  cut back was somewhat less eventful, and after some 60km we arrived back  at our resort to enjoy much deserved drinks and sandwiches at the On On  on the beach. 


28.58 km, 359.0 m
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N/A km, N/A m
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