Jan 2003

Chantaburi, 25/26 Jan 2003


Anthony 'Brown Out' A


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Ride report

Ride no:- 168/169Location:- ChantaburiDate:- 25/26 January 2003Hares:-  Anthony Akerman and John CassellaScribe:- Ian 'Wrong Circle' TaylorWhat a nice lot those kind policemen are on the road down to Chantaburi. They pulled me over to pass the time of day, all in Thai mind you. Unfortunately I can't speak Thai so they sent me on my way.We all assembled in the resort carpark ready for off. George of the Jungle must have made a New Year's resolution as he arrived before the start. Maverick showed that he hasn't changed at all - he spent ages complaining that the straps on his Camelback were all wrong and that the drink tube came out at the bottom and not at the top. The plonker had it on upside down. That got him a down-down later in the circle. Bald Eagle must have run into some money lately or either making amends judging by Noo's new bike and very trendy gear.As we left the hotel we passed a pickup just arriving with the Power Bar kids all resplendent in Power Bar shirts. Thanks to you guys for the free bars after the ride. Marty had a whistle, another New Year's resolution? He still hasn't realized that there's a paper trail!The trail crossed the main road and went up the valley on the opposite side to the hotel. The one drink stop had moved and that threw a few riders. Generally it was a scenic ride, non-technical and included a lot of asphalt. I had done just done just over 50kms at the end of the ride.The GM and the RA led the circle from the middle of the resort pool with the circle sitting on the edge of the pool. Just about everybody was called into the circle at one time or another. A number of Hash names were bestowed, but I don't remember them all. The most memorable one was to Will as "Wee wee woofter" for peeing on a puppy on the ride. Neil and Linda were called in to the circle for both having new bikes, yet more Santa Cruzes. All Santa Cruz riders were then called into the circle, with Knickerless being blamed for starting the fettish. Jason was named "Henpecked" in the Sunday circle?The meal at the on-on was really good, especially that shredded catfish. The hotel did a great job all weekend.Sunday's ride was in a similar area to last year's Sunday ride, up and over the dam and back around the other side of the reservoir. George of the Jungle thought that he was Chris Bonnington and scaled the rock-covered face of the dam carrying his bike. (That was another down-down in the circle at the end of the ride.)There was a good downhill path from the dam followed by a terrible uphill check which caught out the front riders.The circle was in and around the pool again. The GM's sticking out bits must have been pretty shrivelled by the end of the weekend. Again, there were lots of down-downs. Ken was given the Hash name "Pussy pounder" after Knickerless had repeated confidentially to all of the circle the story of Ken's flattened pussy.An open invitation to shrimp butties, beer and swimming at the Buri "sinkhole" was accepted by about fifteen or twenty bikers. Mini-Buri, Cid, demonstrated his extraordinary navigational skills by leading one convey of cars from the resort to the sinkhole on a one hour detour. He lost his way taking his convey almost into Cambodia. Well done ,Cid; you're at the back of the convoy next time!!!!!!!!!Another great BHHB weekend. Thanks to the hares, Anthony and John.