Jan 2002

Khao Yai North, 26/27 Jan 2002


Peter C


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Ride report

Rides no:- 147 and 148   Date:- 26/27 January 2002Location:- Pak Chong, Khao YaiHare:- Peter and Porn CarlisleScribe:- SubhumanPeter and Porn did a terrific job in rounding up no less than 60 riders for the Jan. ride in Khao Yai, cutting through Mission Hills Golf Club on a mellow start but roaring out like a lion for the last 12 KM of the 40 KM ride./o:pThe softly sloping, asphalt terrain was easy on the legs as the riders meandered their way through the golf course tracks and on dusty dirt roads graded out by large earthmovers constantly looming nearby. /o:pIndeed, Peter was right in saying that the last 12KM was the remarkable part.  Beginning with a STEEP and long downhill, the pack blasted into the hills of greater metro Khao Yai, several riders eating some dust and crunching bones on that Kamikaze first-downhill: Oy Stuit did a trapeze act on her bike and nearly bought the farm; Wang Chai (representing the ever burgeoning male Thai membership) left some skin behind after a nice somersault on the big hill.....and a number of riders who were just too scared to let go of those brakes for more than two seconds left some deep, scary tracks for posterity. /o:pThe water stops were well placed and followed by a bumpy and treacherous slope that had many a biker gritting her teeth and yearning for a masseuse at the end.  To be sure, that last leg was a doozy and tested most of the gang's intestinal fortitude and sheer guts. /o:pWithout the ubiquitous G.M. present for the first time in months, the circle was led by the placid chick from some EU country that no one knew the name of.  In a librarian like voice, she gave the floor to the R.A. after a few platitudes and confessional singing for the hares. /o:pThen Linda "No Meat" Sharpe took the reins and proceeded to wreck havoc on the unsuspecting bike hashers.  First it was the International School contingent, Bangkok's quasi-expats living large for the sake of furthering western civilization o the unsuspecting Asians.  Fashion was the keyword here and a few buggers were nailed for various asinine mismatched bike clothes, courtesy of the Salvation Army's kitchen staff.    /o:pTim Wienands and George Bevington were the next victims, accused of karma-sutra at one of the H2O stops.  Some kind of elaborate spread-eagle leg stretching going on that wasn't exactly protocol for this motley crew.   /o:pWang and Oy were nailed for crashing (next time, make sure your brakes are attached before you get on the bike, Miss O.) and finally Noriega for general buffoonery. /o:pThe dinner and on-on was good fare and everyone turned in for a sleepy night./o:pSunday's ride got 20 riders to show up.  Those that missed it were either too lame to get back on the bike or had more pressing matters of golf games and the like. The survivors left on a quiet traipse again through Mission Hills, the flour and paper clearly marked for the foggy headed pilgrims. /o:pAll in all an excellent ride which will be hard to duplicate.  Looks like Feb's Bike Hare will have a tough act to follow.