Feb 2016

Petchaburi (Hua Hin), 27/28 Feb 2016


Wanchalerm 'Dominatrix' S

Joris 'S' L

Jens 'Sloppy Balls' R

Richard 'Scrotum Dave' J

Ride report

Ride no.:- 480/481 27/28 February 2016Hares:- Lerm 'Dominatrix' S, Joris 'Stairmasterbator' L, Jens R and Richard 'Scrotum Dave' JLocation:- Hua Hin, Lake View Golf ResortScribe:- Chieri 'She Swallows' USaturday Hash12:50 it was almost start everyone was talking about fun for various topics as usual. Every faces also were making smile, smile, smile but more and more I was becoming tense while watching and taking side glance such a people with smile. I thought <Will I get that kind of smile when I come back here?>13:00 finally started!I enjoyed the way of concrete with views of the golf course of the resort hotels. I totally forget what will happen after all today.   After 2Km run I saw Osama and a few people got a stuck in side of a trail I said <Are you OK?> Osama answered me <Yeah I am fine but... Insect is in my ear...> he was digging his ear with long stick father more he added < it’s Red Ant> I was like <WHAT!!> That was crazy serious problem! But as you know I can’t do anything so I left him with good luck.After that my bike kicked up clouds of dust into the air, suddenly somebody said <Good Ass♪♪♪>… I turned my face and that was Neil …<You Again!!> I lifted up my ass and shook it right in front of his face I didn’t see what his reaction was but I guess maybe he fell to the ground with joy….When I was riding a bike at the road was dry with no shadow, unfortunately I found punctual on my back wheel. My Thai friends watched me anxiously, and I have decided to turn back hotel alone coz we can’t fix it up. Then! Osama who took out <Red Ant> safely from ear came! Immediately he touched punctual and said < Oh! This is Semi-Punctual> he pumped up my back wheel and fixed it up with quick action. I was impressed about him as super hero with taking Red Ant from ear and treated my bike in just second!After that me and my Thai friends reached at 45 degrees 20m-30m huge downhill, it was unridable for all of us, what we did was took a SELPHY first and dragged our bike and went down a ramp with big noise.. from the below point we started to ride a bike and pretended as if we made amazing run down from Top to Down for photo shooting for who was waiting and taking from down point.Just right before arrive at Water Stop we saw local children was waiting for us to give a high touch, I always glad to see children are excited to see someone new in their village, it makes me very happy. We reached Water Stop around 15:00 (I had already decided to take short cut at that moment…)15:20 we left Water Stop, finally I selected 15km cos of my Thai friends did not let me go short cut. But after water stop the trail was beautiful that we saw pineapple and sugar cane fields on the right side. Famers gave us <Sawas dee khp> with big smile. On the last part I enjoyed, LONG-LONG-DOWN-HILL, long ride out of the saddle.17:00 We (Pi Da, Pi Yuri and Pi Muu) finished our fun ride. We helped and enjoyed together and thus my feeling was changed from <Scare, Hurt etc…> into <Fun, Flesh and Good Feeling> I appreciate all my friends to let me change into best smile when I goaled unlike when I had started.Sunday Hash9:30 I was woken up by sunshine through window, my lazy day have just begun I have never joined Sunday Hash over years. When I turned on TV movie< Matrix> was on. Keanu Reeves who speaks perfect Thai was fighting against Agent who also speaks perfect Thai.10:00 after my breakfast I went to swimming pool was just like my private pool! To get more subtle biscuit-style suntan I love to spend my time at there. Here this is Thailand I don’t care much about freckles on my face it can be repaired with a laser Anyway! Thank you all bike hash members for wonderful weekend always!!She Swallows


39.0 km, 492.0 m
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30.0 km, 233.0 m
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