Nov 2001

Chonburi, 24/25 Nov 2001


Marc L

Don 'Limbo' L


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Ride report

Rides no:- 143 and 144   Date:- 24/25 November 2001Location:- Bang Saray ClassicHare:- Don & Marc LavoieScribe:- Ian 'Wrong Circle' TaylorGreat, I thought, finally out of Soi 23 and on the road to the Classic,  hared by the Levois Dream Team. Am I looking forward to this! My mobile  rang. Ah that leader of men, the ex-GM, Weed Eater. "Ian, everything's gone great so far, No Meat drove me down on Friday after she finished work and  got me out of bed, checked me into the hotel, tucked me into bed, got me up for breakfast, but now I can't find her. I'm lost and lonely. Where's the run and when does it start?"  He was 500 metres from the start! Suddenly the thoughts of a carefree weekend started disappearing.The two Lavoises* however had it all organized. There were two trucks to take the bikes and five or six songtaows to take the riders. Just as we were about to leave George-of -the Jungle arrived. "How does he manage this Just-in-time act?, I thought. We were taken about twenty minutes down the  road towards Satahip.It was a great ride through very gently rolling hills. Past enough tabioca  for pudding to feed all the public schools in UK. Presumable this was specially laid on by Levois Junior in memory of his happy time at boarding  school in UK. Happy days, eh, Marc?Wolfgang was seen checking with a mobile demanding that his office fax a map  of the area immediately. One young lady, or so she told me that she is,  thought so little of the hares capabilities that she set her own trail and  wasn't seen for the whole of the ride. However she wouldn't accept the offer of setting an alternative ride on the Sunday.The GM held his usual circle, full of wit and charm. What a refreshing change. However his consideration was questioned concerning assisting riders  across a 2metre deep gulley. One of the riders entered the gulley but the GM  misunderstood and attempted to use his head as a stepping stone. On  realizing that this was not acceptable to the rider in the gulley, the GM  then assisted in helping bikes and riders. However not long enough to assist  one highly vociferous rider who let her feelings be clearly heard, later to  suffer for this outburst in the circle.The circle included the above miscreants. Also invited for down-downs were  an about-to-be-married couple, a Linda Sharp other than our beloved RA, (my  God two of them!), Paul Mahon for FOYC and some others whom I forget. The  on-on was also at the Bang Serai Fishing Club, good food, and a great  location right on the edge of the beach.Sunday's ride was from the Sun, Sea and Sex, (or is it Sand?). The two Levoises* arrived on time and we left pretty-well on time. There wasn't a  marked trail, but the pack was led by father and son. It was a really relaxed ride through similar country to Saturday's ride. The main features  of the ride were the big Chinese temple, the bear sanctuary, (Where were the bears?) and the big Buddha carved in an old quarry face. Having repaired his own broken chain on Saturday, Paul Mahon assisted the GM in a similar  predicament. There were lots of drink stops including one at which a dog christened Hash Cash's new bike by piddling on it.   The circle held by the hotel pool had down-downs for Hash Cash's piddling  and the following:  - Wolfgang for acting like a driving instructor on the ride with his  daughter,  - David for doing a 360 degree wheelie with his feet stuck in his new pedal  clips,  - Joylide's 25-ride mug, done by lookalike Chris and fully inspected by  Paul, and  - The lone-rider from Saturday who's into rubber goods She was given the  hash name "Rubber something or other".Some of us then tried out the pool and the last half-dozen sampled the  hotel's seafood before heading off back to Bangkok.A great weekend! Thanks again to Don and Marc.* What do you call two Levoises, How do you spell it? It reminds me of the  zoo which wanted two hippopotamusses, hippopotamus's or is it hippopotami?  The zoo keeper, when he wrote to the White Hunter, didn't want to show his  ignorance. So, he wrote, Dear Mr White hunter, Would you please catch us a  hippopotamus, and while you're at it get us another one".