Oct 2001

Kanchanaburi, 27/28 Oct 2001


Ian 'Wrong Circle' T


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Ride report

Rides no:- 141 and 142   Date:- 27/28 October 2001Location:- Pungwan Resort, KanchanaburiHare:- Ian 'Wrong Circle' TaylorScribe:- Peter 'Bald Eagle' Coeshott and George 'of the Jungle' MorganIt’s always pleasant to spend a weekend in Pungwan Resort, some way up river from the town of Kanchanaburi.  Surrounded by quite high hills and with a river alongside the spacious grounds of the resort, we eagerly awaited the off for the Hash ride from our Grand Master./o:pA somewhat muddy Grand Master one might add. Wow, he is the Hare  Aaahh, what delightful trails and delicious off-road routes through shady tress await us - you may ask. At 1315 we were sent on our way to find out./o:pHere is a sketch of how the route was probably designed. It seems that riders might have a few variations on this route but that's Hashing. We all had a great afternoon's ride in marvelous countryside and a lot more exercise than sitting around Bangkok for the afternoon./o:pMarty was overheard to say that he had 54 kms on the clock and I guess most will have done about 45 kms or so of some excellent off-road riding./o:pMost of us got back around 1700 hours and it was good to see the strong contingent from Nestle Mountain Biking Club join us for the day. We hope they will continue to enjoy these rides with BHHB./o:pNice to see previous GMs Paul Mahon and Struan Robertson returning to Bangkok and joining us. Also Tom Ellefsen back on a bike following his 6 month lay-off for injury.  Peggy and Chad back from their extensive travels abroad were also warmly welcomed/o:pWhat better setting for the On, On, On (dinner) than around the swimming pool of the Resort. Gallons of beer and a big buffet following a few hours on a mountain bike. What more can one want? (Best answers, as judged by Hash Cash, get a free ride!!)/o:p/o:pOne interesting innovation was to have the Circle after dinner. Quite why we did this I'm not sure but it seemed to go down well with all who attended A . 50 ride mug for the GM (ex-Hash Cash) and new bike down down for the Hash Cash. Past GM received a mug and all the usual sinners received their due. A down down for hash sex in the circle was awarded to Tim Joylide Wienands and her latest catch, Subhuman George (not to be confused with OnSec).  Unfortunately, the star crossed lovers’ moment of glory in the circle was marred by ungracious heckling by Bruce “Hash Hash” Weeks who cast doubts on Joylide’s purity prior to the liaison in question.  Those in the know were aware that the real story was that Hash Hash was, in fact, had propositioned Subhuman with the suggestion of a tumble in the hay but Joylide fought him off and beat him to the punch.  Hell hath no fury…..!/o:pOn Sunday, most were a little slow out of the starting blocks for breakfast and there were not too many for the Sunday morning Hangover ride. And what a ride it was with lovely winding trails through trees and undulating country. Then, just like a British summer Sunday, it rained. We sloshed our way downhill to the river. There was a small cable car ferry, so we went on to it. Nothing happened. At the car ferry the paper was on the right, so we thought: okay, ferry not working, paper on right, must be U turn. So we got off the ferry (all this in pouring rain) and rode back up the hill. Well after 10 minutes or so fruitless wandering around, we got back on to the ferry, and sure enough, it took us over the river to paper on the other side./o:pGood check that had us fooled and climbing high up to the golf course club house; then back down the hill and off we went along a small perimeter road of the golf course. This was followed by some great single track until eventually we found the water stop. About 24 kms at this point .