Sep 2001

Chantaburi, 29/30 Sep 2001


Anthony A

John 'Arsesholes' C


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Ride report

Rides no:- 139 and 140   Date:- 29/30 September 2001Location:- ChantaburiHares:- Anthony Akerman and John CasselaScribe:- Chris BurgerryThis hash was a reasonable distance from Bangkok but the drive down was pretty quick and more importantly the scenery certainly put you in the mood for a spot of biking in the country.  With about 100kms to go, I got a phone call telling me that it was raining hard in Chantaburi…this sounded like being a fun weekend…/o:pThe resort itself was set into the hillside and surrounded by jungle.  By the time we got there the rain had slackened off but there was still a bit of drizzle and the low clouds covering the surrounding hillside made this a great spot./o:pShortly after one o’ clock, off we rode.  The route went down a muddy little path to our left and then along some firetrack roads with plenty of puddles.  So, within 5 minutes of setting off, most of us and our bikes were already dirty.  Excellent fun.  We followed the paper until we reached a large dam where the hares had decided to lay a number of false trails.  False trail #1, along the bottom of the dam until the road runs out.  False trail #2, ride/push up a steep tarmac hill and then ride/push up another very steep and this time muddy hill.  In all fairness to the hares, they had put in a u-turn at a guard’s station at the top of this hill.  However, the guards had decided to “clean-up” this paper and the front running bikers decided to ignore the guard’s u-turn gesticulations and just give him a friendly wave and cycle on and look for some more paper.  It was only when some Thai-speaking bikers made it to the guard station that we worked out what had happened.  So, “what goes up must come down” it was and back down the hill we went.  We finally found the correct route - along the top of the dam - with some fine views across the valley. /o:pAfter another check at the end of the road around the reservoir, we had the fun downhill bit that the hares had forewarned us about.  This proved to be rather on the slippy side with a number of people, including Marty, managing to have a little spill on their way down.  The route then continued to a drinks stop where everyone seemed to completely fail to understand the concept of shopping.  The Grand Master eventually had to remind us all that “you have to pay for the drinks” which was met by a collective “oh, I see…”/o:pRefuelled, off we set again.  The trail followed some tracks until we reached a small stream we had to cross.  The bridge was a thin log over which you had to carry your bike with only a wobbly hand-rail (and the GM at the other side) to assist.  Now most people made it but impressively, Tyler managed to fall into the stream for a quick-dip - which was greatly appreciated by those around him.  The ride then went over (or perhaps more correctly, through) some paddy fields with some people riding, some pushing and some falling off…/o:pWe followed some more trails and ended with a few kms on the road with the ford on the road into the resort providing a convenient place to clean off our rather muddy bikes (and selves).  A really good ride with lots of different trails and terrain.  Thanks to the hares./o:pDown downs were awarded to Tyler, who also got a klong diver tee shirt for his feat; Neil Weedeater Biggadick as a substitute leaver or some one every one hoped would leave; Chrissie Maynes (aka Crisfing Maynaz according the Oct Bike Hash hotel) for filling Matt Downshen’s jeep with diesel so that the tank had to be drained and she missed her flight to Singapore; and to Richard Ramsden for wearing a disgusting shirt full of holes.  /o:p Sunday ride/o:pDespite the usual woozy heads, the following morning we were all up and ready for the ride-off.  However just before we set off, the GM decided to award an early down-down to the On-Sec as he was actually (for the first time?) ready on time.  One swift down-down later and off we set…/o:pThe route exited the resort along a small track with plenty of mud puddles, so again, within 5 minutes of the ride off, we were wet and dirty.  We felt much better.  We rode through some farms (making sure we didn’t, on the instructions of the hares, ride over the irrigation pipes) and then though a surprisingly deep stream through which we had to carry our bikes (and where not all of us were very chivalrous in assisting the female riders).  There followed some excellent rolling singletrack upon which you could “give it some hammer” if you felt so inclined, which ended with a check.  Those at the front proved pretty inept at finding this check which allowed most of the others to catch up and we then followed the route to a drinks stop where we waited for everyone to get back together.  Past a Wat and along some off-road tracks we went until we arrived at the road.  Those at the front unilaterally decided that they no longer needed to follow paper and had a bit of “tour-de-france” style racing (ahem…) along the road until they reached the turning to the waterfall where the ride ended.  The rest of the pack dutifully followed the paper and arrived at the waterfall via a jungle track.  This proved slightly confusing to co-hare, Oam, who was handing out the entrance tickets for the waterfall, when Simon “Mantlepiece” Turgoose and the rest of the pack arrived at the waterfall via a different track from the previous riders…/o:pThe waterfall proved a great spot to end the ride, with most people popping in for a swim to cool and clean off.  There was even a giant scorpion for added entertainment.  A short circle followed, made memorable as everyone participated in a “wear-your shorts like the GM” fashion(?) show.  Down downs went to: Bob for tying up his broken shoe with the GM’s whistle string; Anthony for losing the way within hours of setting the ride; Neil Weedeater Biggadick for attempting to live up to his name by putting an aerosol can in his shorts./o:pAll-in-all a great weekend with some good riding (and plenty of mud) in new place.  A big thank you to the hares and co-hares.