Apr 1996

Bangkok, Sun 28 Apr 1996


Pierre-Louis 'Figaro' P


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Ride report

Venue: Ayutthaya.Hares: Mike 'Stiffy' Laujer and Marc LavoieDates: 18-19 May 1996People - several each day - How many? I don't know! Who would know? ask Mike (if he remembers anything) or someone else .. .... .The weekend rides began with a 22 km ride through some beautiful hashing area. Through the normal burnt-out wat, up the road, across the river, and onward snaking in and out of Muslim villages and along narrow path ways that lent for some fun riding. At the tail of the ride we ended up at the river near BangPa-ln. the hares had a boat waiting with ample beer for themselves and 10-12 left over for the hoards that had just arrived.Promises of a meal were delayed as the master outdoors persons were lacking in the Thai skill of lighting the charcoal for the BBQ. As the 10-12 beers lasted for all of 30 minutes, all were left high and dry without food or liquid. But mother nature came to the rescue and it began pissing down rain. We were no longer dry and still hoping to get high. After a short stop to load up on some Singha and twigs, the happy little campers created the fire and we all chomped down on hot dogs ending the hunger while the Singha contributed to the high. Landing back at the home base with the rain gods still believing the dry part was a problem, it was a bike race in the pouring rain back to the wat to get the cars and lead into the on-on-on. About the restaurant near the river and the food available and the time that was had by all - I don't know -Wasn't there.The evening carried on at Chai's pub the Moonshine Cafe where there was no food available but plenty of beer stocked up. Chai entertained with his versions of some songs, can't remember what they were, and the hash songs entertained everyone with Mike leading the chorus. Extra curricular activities contributed to the freedom of self-expression that embodied Shawn and a few others, policeman Wakin (AWOL to ride with us) showed that he can't drink while his girl friend experienced a happening like she'll never see again. When Chai turned up the lights, the comatose bar keep, lacking his laptop, attempted to figure out the bar bill. thirty minutes later with the assistance of everyone, it was decided that it was too much trouble so the bill was given to Noriega to pay.Further on-on was then conducted at the Knock On Wood singing and dancing with the Thais and continuing the exercise of the human rite of self-expression. Undeterred by the lack of funding for the bill, it was again turned over to the resident paymaster Noriega to handle. 1 must say that the owner brothers of the two pubs owe thanks to Noriega (and others) for making the evening and month a profitable one! There was some further on-on-on after this pub closed and that is a story for another time, though I do recall it was getting light out about then.Sunday's ride, another 22-24 km ride was very well set with some tricky checks (should have been well set with more hares than hashers) that had all but Don Lavoie and surrogate son Noriega creating a 30 km ride. As the last couple checks brought the pack together, the hares had done their work in insuring that no one got away. The last 3-5 km spread people out a bit but the hares had successfully brought the pack together near the end. At the circle the vote was for a well -set and fun ride. Thanks and kudos. with accompanying down-downs were given to Mike, Shawn, John, Scott, (especially Scott, I think?) for the set, Au and Mark for sponsorship plus organization, and all for a fun and happening weekend. Special mention with down-downs were given to the two late arrivals who decided to take a ride on their own and some other stuff that I don't recall and then the circle was dismissed and back to Bangkok to the traffic and pollution that we had been deprived of a11 weekend. Thanks to Mike and pals for everything ON-ON.