Nov 1994

Chonburi, 19/20 Nov 1994


Bob 'Raincoat' R

Don 'Limbo' L


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Ride report

Venue: Bang SaraeHares: Raincoat and LimboDates: Saturday 19 November 1994Scribe: Gaston.The Bang Seray annual classic RIDE was looking “faible” when the HARES had not come back at 13:30 even though they claimed to have left at 07:00 to set the track. (Eds note: probably got holed up drinking beer somewhere away from their loving wives Neveragain and Dainty).Beachcomber declared the 32nd RIDE ready to start, so ON-OFF we went after the traditional photo of all the HASHERS, Newspokes and a few visitors (future newspokes?) This time, and it isn’t a habit, TV reporters were “meme au rendez-vous” to prepare a broadcast about sport associations in Thailand and for this purpose BHHB had been chosen to represent the highest quality of cycling associations (Eds note: I quite agree your holyness).But let us come back to the very RIDE and specially to the first meeting with Raincoat’s devilish smile when he saw the PACK rushing into the two consecutive U-bends. Perhaps the TV reporters thought this was especially made to get good pictures of HASHERS, in an effort everybody forced himself to keep smiling at the movie camera to show his everlasting elfish sense of humour. Finally everybody managed to pack together on the right track. We still don’t know at the time we send this paper to edit, if at this very part of the RIDE, our dear HARES had thrown nails onto the track to impress the TV reporters but 7 of us had punctures in either one or both tyres and the TV reporters had vanished “pour de bon” and had definitely left us in our “incomprehensible plaisirs pour le commun des mortels”.The sun had almost disappeared behind the hills when we reached the water stop (after 2 hours of excellent HASHING) where Raincoat gave us the choice between an easy way back or another “enchanting” longer track. Lucie, the GS’s daughter, chose the easier one and “creva par deux fois”, luckily rescued by the omnipresent HARES. Your holyness chose the longer one (of course), followed by most of the HASHERS, had the tremendous “plaisir” to meet Limbo at another very much appreciated water stop (only 6kms from home).The GS arrived safely, almost the last one and the only one without any puncture, ready to start his first CIRCLE. What a RIDE! Les HARES provided (sold) us with colourful cycling shirts to commemorate the now annual Bang Seray Classic and every HASHER had to struggle to get one.Then it was DOWN-DOWNs and dinner and nevertheless the weekend wasn’t over but this is another story