Jul 1994

Bangkok, Sat 30 Jul 1994


Oscar 'Mud Magnet' B

Peter 'Wheel-Wobble' B

Karis 'U-Bend'


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Ride report

Venue: ?Hares: Peter 'Wheel-Wobble' & Karis 'U-Band' , ' Oscar 'Mudmagnet' Battram.Dates: July 1994WHEEL WOBBLE's DOUBLE CROSS.When is a double cross not a double cross that was the question! Seemingly when its a single cross or a triple cross, or so it appeared in the charming setting of the Thai house which was used to lure the PACK into a false sense of security.Wheel Wobble was seen to ride off thirty odd minutes before the ON OFF muttering something about resetting the TRAIL due to the inclement weather. The resulting chaos left our newly elected GS fathoming out the final CHECK as dusk fell, a couple of RIDERS returning several times claiming they could not find the TRAIL and a couple more who only found the RIDE site as the first of the PACK cruised into the drinks and snacks.Sources close to the HARE confided that to avoid a procession a splendid variety of CHECKS were set with one, two and somtimes three "X"'s indicating the degree of difficulty, although many RIDERS found his interpretation to be somewhat different to theirs, chacun son gout!