Dec 2014

Chachoengsao, 13/14 Dec 2014


Andy P

Laurence 'Group Sex 1' L

Shalean 'Group Sex #1' T

Sharon 'Group Sex #3' T

Ride report

Hares: Group SexLocation: Chachoengsao, Lanna ResortDate: 13/14 December 2014The December hash was to be run by “Group Sex” the over-organized sub-group of the BHHB. They are well known in the hash for turning up in matching shirts, pants, and backpacks! And especially in the raining season, you have a hard time to overlook 5 or more bright yellow backpacks on the trail. These guys had never been hares before, and it is always a bit fun to see what virgin hares can do. Boy did they NOT Disappoint!From my first contact with the group, the booking of the room was quick easy and painless, and rumor had it they even had free t-shirts for everyone (not paid by the BHHB, but sponsored by themselves, somehow). So, very much looking forward to this hash.On the cool morning of the Saturday, had plans to drive down together with Jenny, and I was a little too early at Exchange Tower in Asoke, so nothing to do, but to buy a turkey sandwich at Starbucks and enjoy a quiet audiobook and have some 2nd breakfast. (1st breakfast was at 05:00ish with my daughter like normal). The ride down was a very quick 1,5 hour and arriving in the resort, a woman pointed and shouted, and managed to direct us to our room/carport. and keys was given us there, at our room door, possibly setting the record for least painful checkin ever at a bike hash! I guess the history as a short term hotel has worked wonders for their check in/out times. (if next they learn how to put linnen on their beds, and not make beds and pillows from concrete we have a promising hotel here).As we paid our hash cash, we got our promised t-shirt, in black, and they even had some XXL for me, so, the GM was happy. A surprising 67+ people turned up for this December ride, and promptly at 13:00 the hares explained everything, and off we went.Saturday RideThe first part of the ride was flat, but surprisingly fun biking between fields, and over dirt roads. The first check came around, and yours truly managed to solve it (and that does not happen very often). On the second check I went backchecking, and that turned out to be a bad idea, since not only was it the wrong way, but when I got back to the check, it was solved, but not well.. so a bunch of us needed to solve it again, and that sucks a little when you are already behind. (FRBs should really break those checks better tsk tsk).By the third check, I was so far behind that it was solved (and well this time), and I could push on, and before I knew it, I was walking over a pedestrian bridge and H2O. (I noted that some people risked their lives, by crossing the highway, but this one did not do that). The water stop was good, in that they had water and coke, what more can one ask for?Then, there was the singletrack loops, the climb was hard, but not nearly as hard as it would have been in hotter weather. once we got to the top, the real fun began.. Well in my case I quickly came to a track with the paper on the right.. and as I always explain to new riders, if you see paper on the right, turn around, you are going the wrong way, but what do you do if it is down hill, and very fun? in my case I went down against traffic just for fun, THEN I followed my own advice, and biked back up again, to continue the fantastic bit of singletrack that was the loop.Back at the waterstop (same one), I counted people taking the van back (will not name excuses here). and I quickly got on the bike, and headed towards the beer.The ride back, was similar to the way out there, flat, but quite fun. we lost paper several times, and by the time I got back I had done over 50km, and the beer tasted better for it.The food was better than average, with hot ham, hot dogs, french fries and little stools to sit on.The circle was fun, and since I had so many beers I only remember sitting as Mr Kringle, next to Mrs. Kringle (with some young Brisbane kid on her lap).Sunday rideThe Sunday started with a good breakfast, and some more hash cash. then on schedule we were off again. This was a proper Sunday ride, which means flat, easy, and fast. the trail crossed the Saturday ride a few times, so those of us with GPS was worried at times. but the paper trail was quite clear, and the ride very fun and scenic.The RAs reported little content on Sunday circle, which was good for me since I had limited time anyway, so the circle was short and sweet. and I found myself back in Bangkok before 3pm.Fantastic weekend! thanks to the hares for doing such a good virgin job, and thanks for the committee doing their job as usual, not only this weekend but in the last year! the next year committee has something to live up to. ++++PS: as the GM, I have had at least one major flaw this last year... every hash I have tried to ask someone to write a writeup, but every time I have been met by only excuses, and I have failed to properly motivate people to write... so as punishment, I wrote this one myself. (you knI might even write some of the other writeups as well, but they would go straight to DVD.. I mean website.on onSverre "SNAP" RakkenesGM (for a tiny bit more)


45.0 km, 361.0 m
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30.0 km, 54.0 m
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