Jul 2014

Chonburi, 26/27 Jul 2014

Located in a peaceful natural setting, this resort is the ideal destination for families looking for outdoor excitement. There is plenty to do at Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club, with its impressive array of recreational activities and sports facilities set amidst parkland, woods, and lakes. The most notable activity is horse riding, as Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club is known for its quality horses and riding facilities. Other activities range from mountain biking and soccer to paintballing and water ballooning. All levels of fitness and skill are welcome. After a long adventurous day, guests can relax at the Aliva Spa and dine at the resort’s excellent restaurants and bars. The Mediterranean-style guestrooms at Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club offer a cozy atmosphere with luxury amenities.

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Wolfgang 'Shity Shity Bang Bang' M

Suparatana 'Bitchy Bitchy Bang Bang' M

Jesper 'From Behind' J

John 'The Pope' E

Ride report

Hares: Wolfgang 'Shitty Shitty Bang Bang' M, Suparatana M, Jesper 'From behind' J and John 'The Pope' E.Location: Horseshoe Pointm PattayaDate: 26/27 July 2014 12th Pineapple ClassicHorseshoe Point now boasts a new coat of paint and got rid of most of its flies ("We felt like flypaper back at the barn." - Loose Zipper, 2011 ) which made the stay much more pleasant. Besides that, it is the same familiar place!Saturday:Paying Hash Cash was more pleasant than usual, as all Hashers received a Pineapple Classic t-shirt celebrating its 12th occurrence. Thanks Hares! Before the ride, a quick briefing was given by our favorite Muddy Moustachioed German Man announcing a 34 km ride through pineapple(!) fields, single track and dirt roads, with a water stop half way and a 6km shortcut.We encountered what appeared to be the easiest check in the history of hashes after 3.5 km: Even though the cross was left untouched, the trail was marked with paper. While the group happily followed paper, five of us thought there was something fishy about it and decided to go back and check some more. And indeed, we found the intended trail and realised most hashers were on the running hash trail. Luckily for them, it all ended well and we met up again 6km further. I wonder how the running hash did on our trail, though!Several hashers noticed a pattern in the way the paper was laid: At every T-junction, if there was paper on the left, you should go right. And the other way around. It turned out to be true most of the time and saved us some precious energy. Globally, the ride being relatively flat was quite fast and made me feel like I was in great shape. That was good, after last month ride making me feel the complete opposite.The circle saw an unusually high amount of new members, likely coming for the free t-shirt and a double piss-pot of the month: https://flic.kr/p/oubSdJWe finished the day without a single drop of rainSunday ride was announced as a true 26 km hangover ride. And indeed, it was a very fast rolling ride through all kinds of terrain: Dirt roads, roads, single track, ... But nothing too technical.Once again, hares avoided most of the dreaded sand. The trail was very well marked and Shitty Shitty Bang Bang was somehow waiting for us at every corner to guide us and make sure we would get the chance to pay respect to his mud-shrine commemorating the famous unearthing site. Once again, we met another trail (saturday ride) near the on-in and did a few extra kilometers before realising how familiar the track was. The 26 km ride ended up being a 31 km one.Thanks hares for the great ride!


34.0 km, 227.0 m
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26.0 km, 304.0 m
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