Jun 2014

Chonburi, 28/29 Jun 2014

Pattaya Country Club located on the outskirts of Pattaya, an easy 1.5 - 2 hour drive from central Bangkok. Pattaya Country Club is home to an 18-hole golf course with a restaurant and amenities. The hares have arranged for the swimming pool to be open and the circle will be right next to the pool.


Ken 'Sees Wood Gives Head' G

Marcel 'Pump Friction' S

Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Ride report

Hares: Ken 'Sees wood gives head' G, Marcel 'Pump Friction' S, Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W and Annie 'Agony Aunt MLocation: Pattaya Country ClubDate: 28/29 June 2014I was bad. Or at least I must have been in a former life because last Saturday’s ride seemed a bit of a punishment for some karmic offense given. And it wasn’t just the sand which makes 10K seem like 20, It was the route or, more accurately, the lack of it.Finding paper was at least one major challenge on this ride. Riding the FRB loop was another where even our group’s fittest were left walking for large stretches. Which is a shame really because the riding I did manage was quite fun. It had enough challenges to keep you focused, like that set of steps heading downwards that was ridable with a healthy dose of belief and technique. It’s just that with an average speed of 7 kilometers per hour due to all the checks and false trails, by 5PM I was only at 27K and beat like a stick. I took no shame in riding back to the resort in a van, even while others took to the road and ground out a final 8K. And those who gritted it out on the trail, came back worse for the wear.I’d like to report on the circle but the truth is, I conked out in my room. Hearsay claims it was held near or at dark and our intrepid hares had much to deal with from late arrivals. But there’s no doubt the riding up there is fun with some great technical bits. If it’s marked better, I’d go back and give it another go.Sunday’s ride was, by contrast, a walk in the park A fun ride, with some route finding challenges but by no means the death march that proceeded it. Followed by a circle with the usual suspects called to task for offense real and imagined, the weekend wrapped on a good note.For future hares, I would respectfully point out that while there’s merit in keeping folks together via checks, there’s equal merit in letting people spread out and ride so you can build up a cadence and get into that zone where the endorphins kick in. Nothing wrong with a bit more riding at one’s own pace, unimpeded by others when bunched up and having to wait to take on a challenging uphill or technical drop. I’m not saying get rid of checks. Nor do I mistake the Hash for a race. Just give us some good solid stretches to get in a groove. So, apropos to Thailand, take the middle path. And at least for decent chunks of the route, just let us ride! Respectfully, Carl “Dyke Diver” R


41.0 km, 744.0 m
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30.0 km, 360.0 m
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