Feb 2023

Rayong, 04/05 Mar 2023

Date Change
The hotel that was planned to hold the February hash has a wedding party on the last weekend of February. And we are not invited!

However, there are no other groups attending in the following week,
the 2022 committee has therefore proposing that the February hash is moved
to the 4th and 5th March.
We know some members may have already pencilled the original date into
their diaries, but there is not much else we can do as there are no other suitable hotels in the area.

Resort details

Phone number:




The Hare is still negotiating with the hotel over rooms and prices.


Booking instructions have not been made available yet.

The rides


Andrew 'HB' D

What to expect?

*Date Change*
The 2022 committee has moved the Feb hash to March 4/5 weekend.


The hares have not provided directions yet. Check back later!

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