Apr 2023

Petchaburi, 29/30 Apr 2023

Saturday Night at Leaves Valley Resort: The resort is 140km / 2.5hr from Bangkok, in lush green countryside, with well maintained rooms, large pool, pool deck and common areas. Opposite, there is a vineyard, and various activities can be booked directly with the resort, such as ATV and horse riding.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/2SQ118Wo7uEbJ3qEA

Contact by email tntcresort@gmail.com

Sunday Night (Friday night) at Sawang Resort and Golf: the resort is located in the middle of an 18-hole golf course in Khao Yoi District, Ratchaburi. Lovely peaceful surroundings with lots of room to walk and ride. There is a restaurant, an outdoor drink sala and a swimming pool. The Resort is located 90 minutes drive from Bangkok.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/sVarUFDcDNtJperE9

Contact by email: sawangresort.greenfee@gmail.com

Contact by Line: mina.sab

Resort Website


Sara 'Likes it Rough' M

Richard 'Right Arsehole' F

Sebastien 'Ass Floater' T

Mui 'Tool Trasher'


N/A km, N/A m
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20.0 km, 160.0 m
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