Jun 2023

Kanchanaburi, 01/02 Jul 2023

The resort is very nice. It mainly caters for Korean golfers. All accommodation are stand alone villas. It now also has a large pool.


John 'SS' M

Steve ''Rearend Tarzan'' H

Pong 'Hot Tottie'

Pluem 'Aural Sex' M

Ride report

The June Hash was….freaking tough, cool, awesome, fun and freaking hot 🥵 again!

Saturday Ride: 46 riders. Three out of the 46 did the whole true route! Tom, Peter and Jose made it. Carabao riders (2) cheated with their e-bikes! 😝😜🤪. Amazing only they made it! Why? My personal opinion was the first 13 Km. route was 80% uphill and not in the shade so it was bloody hot 🥵! A lot of riders took the short cut back post the unofficial first stop at Km. 13. I went on to the 26 Km. next water stop and it was like night and day because…clouds blocked out the sun, more downhill versus up and under more forest cover…pretty ride indeed! I gave up at Km. 26…Golf joined me and John drove us back in his CRV! Thanks John! You are alright, I don’t care what Khun Blum says about your ass! 🤓. The circle was fun and sad to see so many of our French buddies leaving us…🥺😢. Good luck guys! Dinner was great but everyone worried about Khun Mui…thanks the High Powers Khun Mui has recovered and will kick my ass next hash! 😎
Sunday Ride: started great but Sow wiped out on a PVC pipe and hurt her ankle. Had to short-cut back. Golf, Jane, Bua, Fern and I made it about 8 Km. that day which was still fun. Sow’s ankle ok now. Pool swim was awesome! Interesting Mida Golf Resort…most Korean golfers and the staff were mainly Myanmar. Still, fun cool place!


45.0 km, 760.0 m
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24.0 km, 270.0 m
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