Sep 2023

Lopburi, 30/01 Oct 2023

There are 40 Villas around the pool reserved for us. 8 VIP Villa's containing a bed and a living room. They might be nice for families. Just ask for extra beds.
Price is 1400 per villa including breakfast for two.
Saturday lunch will be a choice between Pad thai, fried rice and Pad kra pao, including a drink and soup for 150 baht.
Saturday dinner is 350 per person

For the golf fanatics, if you bike fast and are not too exhausted there is a really nice 27 hole golf course waiting for you!

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The rides


Sanneke 'Likes it Juicy' K, Maarten G, Birgitte R, Asbjorn R, and Mel 'Leaky Rubber' H

What to expect?

The Saturday ride with 12:30 roll off will be around 40 km long and will feature all the great Hash characteristics; missing paper, checks, maybe false trails, maybe not,
waterstops dogs etc.
It also caters to most, if not all, riders' capabilities. Bits of beachy sunny trails but also very cool 'forestry' ones.
There are even canyons for the not so faint of heart.
Buddha will be watching over us and the hares have even provided toilets with a view.
There will be an FRB loop. And as cherry on the cake, since the resort is situated on top of a hill, save some muscle for the last climb at the end where a nice cold drink will be waiting for you.

The Sunday ride will be a proper family hangover ride of around 25 km. Of course a waterstop is provided. It's an easy flowing trail, mostly off roads. Not too much elevation but nice and diverse scenery. Bring some extra tubes for the Sunday ride.


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