Sep 2023

Lopburi, 30/01 Oct 2023

There are 40 Villas around the pool reserved for us. 8 VIP Villa's containing a bed and a living room. They might be nice for families. Just ask for extra beds.
Price is 1400 per villa including breakfast for two.
Saturday lunch will be a choice between Pad thai, fried rice and Pad kra pao, including a drink and soup for 150 baht.
Saturday dinner is 350 per person

For the golf fanatics, if you bike fast and are not too exhausted there is a really nice 27 hole golf course waiting for you!


Sanneke 'Likes it Juicy' K

Maarten 'Likes it Runny' G

Birgitte R

Asbjorn R

Mel 'Leaky Rubber' H


42.0 km, 427.0 m
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21.0 km, 200.0 m
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