Apr 2024

Chachoengsao, 27/28 Apr 2024

V Square Serviced Apartment is a hotel that services mostly businessmen coming to Gateway Industrial Park on work trips. With that said, it's comfortable, modern, and is situated right where we need it to be for an awesome weekend of mountain bike partying.

The resort (and I'm using that term very loosely. It's not dirty or old just not "resorty" if you will) has a restaurant on it's property that is privately owned and quite small. However, the food and ambiance is nice and the menu is pretty broad serving both Thai/Asian fusion dishes along with western pub dishes. Also most importantly, there is a bar in the restaurant that is fully stocked.

Finally, and very convenient for us, there is a convenience store on the property as well. It is well stocked and is similar to a 7- 11 or Family Mart.

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Thomas 'Shrinky Winky' K

Alex 'Pussy Butcher' A

Jonathan 'Beer Stop' B

Arne 'Shame Poo' B


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