Oct 2013

Kanchanaburi, 26/27 Oct 2013

No swimming pool. Free wifi at the reception. Bar open until 10 pm.

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Jock 'Shoulder Shock' M

Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W

Annie 'Agony Aunt' M

Ride report

Venue: Kanchanaburi, Saiyok, Ban Rim Kwae Hares: Jock 'Should Shock' M, Patricia 'Carpet Burn' W and Annie 'Agony Aunt' M
Scribe: Team Taiwan (Lawrence, Shalean, Andy, Sharon, Tony) Join the hash for approx. 1 year
Date: 26/27 October 2013
First of all, great thanks to all our Hares for the great successful rides, as always ☺
As for the October Hash, unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to stay at the Hash Resort, all fully-booked Our
advice: “Always book in advance ASAP!” Well lucky that the Hares have suggested other great options for us, we have
booked the Resort just approximately 3km away, a bit inconvenient, but it was not too bad at all ‘Suansaiyok Resort’.
On Friday, we started off from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi at 2pm, the traffic was super terrible, we didn’t expect to
arrive at night. It was so dark while we were on our way to the Resort without any street lights at all! We arrived at
7:45pm, it means that we have spent nearly 6 hrs on the road! The good thing was a nice swimming pool just right in
front of our rooms with ‘disco lights’, a great place for us to gather around for a few drinks ‘White wine’ after dinner,
COOL! On Saturday morning, we just realized that this resort was beautiful, cool atmosphere that surrounded by river and
mountains, a train stop at the Resort called ‘Riverkwai Cabin’ for you to take the old train along the famous Death
Railway bridge. Also, the Hash Resort is just located right opposite of our Resort across the river. After breakfast, here we go with “Our Saturday before Hash routine”: (1) Checking our bikes (2) Morning Warm Up Ride to the Hash Resort, nice and relaxing
(3) Early Lunch this time because we have to ride to the Hash Resort  As usual, we arrived at the Hash Resort Roll-Off Point early before 1pm for paying the hash cash, shopping + bike
service at LPR and chatting with all our friendly energetic hash friends!
In our Team Taiwan, we all wear the same Jerseys! We used to wear a Thailand designed Jersey that bought from a
shop, after a few months, we designed and made our own Jerseys, one white and one black, this could tell you how
much we love this sport, we love the Bike Hash! Fun, Relax, Challenge, Adventure, Friends, Explore new places and
Teamwork Spirits, these are all we have learnt and experienced from Bike Hash so far! Someone even called us Ninja
or Burglar as we cover our whole face and wear long sleeves, guess you need to remember our biking equipments to
recognize us! Hahaha! After that one of the Hare Annie started the briefing about today’s ride “47km, a little mud, no short cut, unless return
by road after the water stop and etc.” NOW, our adventure began (remember it’s not a race, I like that), another great challenge we looked forward each
month. Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold with lots of shade! When we reached the check point, usually the
experienced bikers arrived first and went for a check, the rest waited for the whistle blow. Every times we have lots of
great photos taken by the Hash Flash – K. Snap, K. Momo, K. Ton and K. Jeeb, thanks for this incredible job! We called
this ride “A Muddy-Slimy Fun Ride”. Sometimes it’s not easy to ride through when the mud was too thick! On On! We reached the water stop at 21km for us to eat, drink and fill up our waters! All our tires full of mud, hahaha but still
ride-able! No worries! As usual, the Hare Annie waited for us there for another short briefing of directions and the not
too muddy trails back to the Resort, haha! Are you ready for it? We love this ride, nice views, not too much uphill, the
downhill was fun, also great experienced from the mud ride! Lawrence got the hang of it! Cool! He loved the mud!  Finally we made it to the nice Circle spot at the Hash Resort, lots of biker have already arrived! We always finished our
ride a bit late, but we enjoyed it! We tried to wash off our mud a little, especially Sharon who fell on the mud, we
called this mud mask for her hand, beauty! (Not suitable for face ☺ ). The well-organized bike hash team already
prepared all our needs on the table, food and drinks ‘BEERS’!! Thank you! The Circle was really a great idea to get to
know other bikers’ experiences, their thought of today’s ride, introduced the new members and some news about
bike hash! Well the Drink Down Down Down Down Down Down Down was so cool, for punishments and for
compliments, hahaha!! Loved the Bike Hash songs too that sang by all beautiful voices ☺ Well it’s getting dark and no
street light on our way back to the Resort, so sad that we got to leave early before the circle finished. This has ended
our ride of the day! CHEERS! On Sunday, the roll off time is 10am, we quickly finished our breakfast then got ourselves ready to the Hash Resort!
Perfect weather again, lucky day! We got the chance to talk with the Hare Annie, she just got back finished tossing the
paper trails for our ride later! She looked fine with a little mud and she said she swam in the pool, was she kidding?!
Hahaha! Let’s check it out! Same routine, briefing from the Hares “28km, a little mud, a long uphill to the water stop
then downhill, etc.” We have our captain Wolf that led us to our 2nd challenge today! Let’s roll off! This time we have experienced the most difficult check-point of all, all bikers have spent lots of time checking but still
couldn’t find the papers! No one would never been expected or ever dare to cross the deep mud river just for checking
(about 150m long, depth of water about knee high), finally we got a brave biker that crossed it and checked, that’s the
trail, we all heard the whistle blow! Big hands to this man, very well done! At first Shalean saw Lawrence were riding
on the mud river crossing it successfully with no problem, she then followed and started riding about 30m she fell, the
first one who down, half of her body and bike sunk in the river, after that she decided to walk! Great idea! “Annie, was
this the swimming thingy you talked about this morning?!!!“ hahaha!  Our next challenge was to ride up a very steep hill, we were riding super slow like hell, one two one two, followed our
beat, finally we made it to the top, we just felt like we’re in the heaven! Water stop just at the top of the hill! The
water shop was a truck full of drinks selling to the bikers, good service, COOL!! No more uphill, only downhill after the water break! We enjoyed the views along our rides, exciting downhill! We also
carried our bikes crossing a stream with our strong arms! Hahaha! We didn’t get lost this time, the paper trails were
clearly marked, thanks to the hares!
Overall, the October Hash was fantastic, the Hares “Jock, Patricia and Annie’ have done a very excellent job! You all
were SUPERB! Thank you very much! This place was one of our Top 3, we will definitely go back for training! We all
feel so grateful to be one of the hash members, very appreciated with all the contribution of the Hares! ON ON!!!!!!!!!
CHEERS!! See you all next hash! ☺


44.0 km, 280.0 m
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30.0 km, 319.0 m
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